Who will be first? Who will be last?

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Assuming that the 400 days characters will appear in episode 3 and the rest of the season, who do you think in this group will be the first to bite the dust and how? Personally, I think Wyatt will be one of the first to go. If they are at Carver's camp, I would assume he gets overrun by walkers during an attack. As for the rest, I think Vince, Shel, and possibly Bonnie will last the longest. What do you guys think?


  • I think it will be tivia.
  • russel because telltale is racist
  • I hope Wyatt doesn't go. I want him and Eddie to reconcile their bromance. :C
  • Bonnie or Tavia.
  • First I'm guessing Wyatt, Tavia, or Shel.

    Last probably Bonnie, Vince, or Becca. And most likely Eddie since he's in EP4 and he might be mourning Wyatt with the hood and all.
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    The majority of my 400 Days Characters stayed. (Vince, Russell, Shel+Becca)

    Only Wyatt and the obvious Bonnie went and I wonder how they will introduce the ones that didn't go.

    But besides that point, my guess will be Shel tbh.
  • This is what i think Wyatt will probably go first and then the last ones probably will be Shel, Bonnie or Becca

    Tavia: Unknown

    Wyatt: Dead

    Shel: Alive

    Vince: Dead

    Russell: Dead

    Becca: Dead

    Bonnie: Dead
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    I don't think Becca is dying before Shel. Being young in the TWDverse seems to be a safer place to be than most.
  • It's quite possible that one of them's already dead. It has been over a year. Maybe one of them got killed off during that time. Hopefully not Becca. I really want to see Clem and Sarah interact with her.
  • That's how we roll.

    (Insert High Five gif here)
  • Well, exception, not the rule. :S
  • I think Tavia is going out first and Vince last.
  • I think Tavia, and Vince will go out last.
    I just hope Russel does not die.
  • TTG isn't racist at all.
  • I would say Tavia would be the first and Vince will last the longest.
  • Well Clementine is black too so...
  • After watching the new trailer, I think Tavia is going out pretty soon. Just a guess though.
  • I think Tavia will go first.

    I hope Russel goes last, but it'll probably be Bonnie.
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    Clem's (and Carl's) the exception, not the rule.

    In the comics and TV show, MANY children died. Ben and Billy (comics), Lizzie and Mika (show). Sophia (show). Judith (comics). That one kid the Governor was treating like his daughter Penny (show). Penny (show/comic). Michonne's son (show/comic). Remember the girl who's name was Summer from the first episode that Rick first sees (show)? Duck dies in the game. Remember the kid who starved to death in the attic, too (game)? There's others, too. Being young is even more of a death sentence than being older. Your best bet is being a teen or older and not off your rocker.

    My bet is Tavia going out first and Bonnie going out in a way to redeem herself for during "evil". Her lying to Leland or not likely also plays into her ending/death. My Bonnie lied. The rest ... I have no comment. I was not particularly attached to any of them to really care, honestly. I keep forgetting who's who. Can't say I care much for the cabin group, either. They can all fall into a pit and I wouldn't notice or care.

    Forgot about Morgan's son Duane. He dies in both the show and comics.
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