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Anyway I can uninstall specific episodes, to save memory, from my iphone?


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    Yes, you can delete individual episodes by going to the Episodes Menu from the main menu, and then tapping the Delete button from inside that menu, and then tapping the individual episode you wish to delete. Please note your save data is stored in the base application (Episode 1) and deleting the whole app will delete that save data.
  • If I delete an episode, is there a separate save file that will keep my decisions? Sorry, I couldn't extract the answer from your response—it seemed to imply your decisions are saved unless you delete the entire Walking Dead Season 2 app.

  • TelltaleMikeTelltaleMike ModeratorTelltale Staff

    Yes, your saves are stored in the base application (along with Episode 1). You should be able to delete Episodes 2-5 to create more room on your device. As long as you keep the base game application installed, your saves will be intact.

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    You're welcome, enjoy the game!

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