What's up with the community?

As a Borderlands fan,and as a MASSIVE TellTale superfan,who's been here since thw days of Bone and Sam and Max, I just want to know what's wrong with you guys? I check one thread and I see people I've enjoyed talking to here going on about how Borderlands fans are going to fuck up the forums and spout rage on here,just because Borderlands is an FPS. I hate to say it...but I'm honestly disgusted with the way you've been acting. Are we just gonna make all the Borderlands fans think we're raging dickwads,and make ourselves look bad in the process?


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    Thread: Am I the only one bored and careless about borderlands?

    like i've just downloaded borderlands and it's just another typical boring open world rpg mission type of game. I got it because telltale was making a borderlands game but damn i'm actually considering of buying it now that i've gotten a taste of it.

    Really boring and nothing new. it had so much potential with it's art but idk.... what do you think? do you even care about Tftb?

  • Honestly im not excited for it at all. after borderlands 2 the new borderlands are gonna go downlhill in my opinion.

  • I have no idea how they chose borderlands out of all the possible universes they could have picked... Oh wait, didnt they say they were drunk when they agreed to it?.

    I cant wait to see the borderlands fanbase when they play this game.

    "Wtf where are the guns and the loot??????"

    "Why cant i shoot anything???????"

    "Wtf credits already??? I finished this game in 1.5 hours????????"

  • dear god I just hope this isn't a door to those annoying fps call of b00ty "pc gaming race" fanbase. I'd leave this forum asap if they invaded it. And plus, it's spawn even more trolls.

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    Yes, I'm pretty excited about it. Me personally I think the borderlands universe in the right hands has a lot of potential, I think we got that covered.

    Like most of the people here, I discovered Telltale through TWD. At first I underestimated TWD, then I underestimated TWAU, and I ended up being more than happy on both occasions. And I highly doubt I'll be disappointed now.

  • My god the borderlands fan base I can see it now....


  • Can't wait to see the FPS fans come rushing on the forum.


  • honestly i couldn't give 3 craps about it.

  • Those of us who are excited are excited to see what TT can do with the universe. Yes, I enjoy both FPS and TT games.
    I Love the Elitism.

  • I actually really like Borderlands, but am not excited for the TT game at all. For reasons already mentioned, I enjoy the game mostly for it's action as I do enjoy a game like that at times. I just don't see how it could translate well to TT's style of gameplay. I'm holding judgement until I actually see the final product, but I don't see the point of the game right now.

  • Waste of time for Telltale

  • I will play it , but only because telltale cant keep me busy for 24 hours per day .

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    I played Bordelands with a friend of my and I dislike it and if Tales is a sequel or something like that I just watch the game on youtube and think, this is what I need to know fine by me I going to play it.

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    Borderlands 2 is a much better game than the original. If your not expecting anything besides a loot shooter I would get that one instead. And I am very much looking forward to Tales Of The Borderlands!

  • Play it but disappointed chose it probably could get it at cheap price and had big fanbase so win-win typical shooter to me and if wanted to play shooter just play borderlands but personally never fan of the franchise rather a Darkness game be epic

  • We haven't even seen anything of it yet, and you bash it already. I am quite interested in seeing where they are going to take the universe of Borderlands.

    Me myself I actually enjoyed the Borderlands game, and I normally don't like those type of games, and for that reason I hope Telltale will be able to pull this off. I see great potential in it.

  • Y'all peasants don't understand the beauty of borderlands.

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    What you call me lol Oh I understand if your truly loved borderlands wouldn't want them to cut that rpg down to point and click linear adventure with the illusion of choice with no puzzles or hub areas not suited for story adventure like THE DARKNESS you sir are the guilty peasant.

  • Borderlands is fun playing with friends. Also I really hope the typical fps brats don't ruin the forums when they arrive

  • Not interested at all. Probably won't be playing another Telltale game after TWD and TWAU are done, unless Game of Thrones is really well received.

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    you DARE call me a peasant, worm?

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    Disrespect will not be taken lightly as I'm lead villain I have reputation to uphold you will serve your purpose then I will you permission to die King peasant won't kill you yet don't worry still hold worth for now

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    I will lead the charge against this false king.

  • That is epic just YES I approve

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    come at me, then, you fools. I promise you a gruesome and painful death.

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  • Eddie Maiden cannot be killed, especially not by a peasant.

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  • I really enjoy the game. It's not my favourite game in the world but some of my favourite things in gaming is co-op and the Borderlands franchise has some of the best co-op ever! imo

  • Ill play the demo if they have one.. But I probably won't buy the game.. Like Borderlands 1 and 2 But not that thrilled about it being a telltale game

  • It's not a matter of opinion.

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    Nah, I really just don't care for the universe - to the point where I don't think even Telltale could make it interesting for me. I might get it one day when all the episodes are out and on sale, but not while they're coming out.

    I'm looking forward to Game of Thrones though.

  • I liked borderlands,i loved borderlands 2. So yeah i'm not bored of bl2.

  • i am the vanguard,and i just want to say"we're here"and gimme sumthin to shoot

  • I'm the kind of person who gets really immersed into a game's universe and then start reasearching all the lore and stuff. I played both borderlands games and i can assure you that it is a really bland and boring universe.

  • i'm sorry but call of b00ty and pc gaming race are two different fanbases and the majority of people i know and including myself play telltale games on pc so they are already here

  • If I had my druthers, I'd rather they were working on Sam & Max Season 4, Puzzle Agent 3 or another Monkey Island. But the Borderlands games were fun, and I wouldn't mind playing through Telltale's take on the world.

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