• He is only mentioned in a flashback when he defeats Bigby and helps Little Red Riding Hood, but he looks different than in the game.
  • He is shown in the Homelands flashback that nusi2 mentioned, and he is also brought up one other time. Jack says something about him to Bigby in reference to axes and Bigby responds with something along the lines of "Let me ask you something, Jack, when was the last time you saw the Woodsman?"

    (That may not be an exact quote, but I'm too lazy to flip through the comics to find it. :p )
  • Yes, i searched on the Wikipedia. Bigby mentions him to Jack during The Great Fables Crossover. He also says that the Woodsman`s whereabouts are unknown. He may be dead.
  • I'm pretty sure the line was in response to some implication that Bigby had grown soft, implying that Bigby himself had killed the Woodsman out of revenge for the whole Red Riding Hood fiasco, to drive home that just because he's working for the good of Fabletown doesn't mean he's suddenly the type to forgive and forget. I'd completely forgotten about that, and it takes on a whole new context in the game. Nice catch.
  • I just read that woody is apparently apart of a group called the "tourist" that apparently keep tabs on certain fables or something not sure if true though
  • You`re right. It seems that his job is to check with the Fables who don`t live in Fabletown. So he might be alive after all. About episode 4, i think Bigby will question him about his axe which is now in possesion of Bloody Mary.
  • Where did you read about him being a tourist?

    And as to the axe, the Woodsman apparently owed the Crooked Man money. Bloody Mary probably took the axe as collateral. Being enchanted, it should be pretty valuable.
    • I wrote "fables comic tourists" on google and i found a list of 3 "tourists". The Woodsman was among them. I don`t recall anything about Woody owing money to the Crooked Man, but you may be right. He needs money to drink.
      • I see, apparently Cunningham stated him to be the third tourist in an interview or independent article, it never comes up in the actual series and is sort of at odds with Bigby's own words. It's a little weird, too. Woody doesn't strike me as very suitable for the job.

        And you're right, I thought I remembered finding Woody's file with the others in the Tweedles' office, but there isn't one.
        • His personality in the game was probably made by Telltale. About what Bigby said to Jack: maybe the "tourists" have their identity hidden, like the spies. Then it wouldn`t be weird for Bigby to protect their role and mission.
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