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'Who should look after Clementine?'

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So do you all remember that choice back in 105? In the attic, when the group escapes the horde and have to break the wall to get through to the other side - you are asked: 'Who should look after Clementine?' giving you the options of Kenny / Christa and Omid / Find a family that's capable.

Well, what if that choice matters more than you think, like what if Christa and Kenny meet up again, but have different ideas of where to go and they argue over who takes Clem and your choice back in 105 will impact this.

Christa could bring up 'Well, Lee wanted you to take her, Ken.' or 'Lee left me and Omid in charge of her' or 'Lee didn't want either of us to look after her- Lee wanted better (and hands you over to the cabin group or something)

I don't know, I don't think this will happen but it would be nice if the choice were to have a bigger impact.
  • It would be awesome if choices Lee made still carry through season 2. Like he's still alive somewhere.
    • Oh, his choices do. Like in Season 1, Episode 1. When given the option to swear in the barn with Clementine. If you do she says the swear in Episode 2 of S1. Lee tells her not to swear but in Season 2, Episode 1 she does it again in the gas station bathroom.
      • In episode 5 of season 1, after Clem breaks the glass window with the baseball bat, i think.. Lee tells her that: - She's smart and he(walker) isn't, she's smarter than all of them.

        In the first episode of season 2. Clem says exactly the same thing to the dog sam. after they found the walker by the tree.
    • Wait you mean Lee's dead?! Oh wait we knew that,goddammit!
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    BenPaul BANNED
    I'm still sad that they did not give the option for Ben to look after Clementine. :(
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    Moowtje72 BANNED
    Kenny or Kenny and Christa :)
  • I like this idea..
  • If Chuck would be alive,He will be the one I'm asking if he can take care of her
  • Chuck would have been the best ;_;
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    keylimepie BANNED
    I really, really hope not. The game has a tendency to glitch out, and sometimes things aren't imported properly. Imagine having the game recognize your choice incorrectly - it would suck pretty bad. Beyond that, what if the silence option had been chosen? What if you're playing without an import? (A lot of the non-import references related to past dialogue seem to default to silent Lee, but it's worth mentioning.)
  • I'd be happy with my option going through. I do love me some Christa and Omid.
  • Nobody. She can take care of herself
    • That is bull. That is bull, and I'm tired of people saying that. She was on her own for like five minutes before she needed to be saved. Plus, she's fucking 11. She needs help to grow up properly. I don't care how mature you are at 11, you're going to change. I was mature at 11. Much more mature than any adult I lived with. A biker and his girlfriend? Fuck yeah I was more mature than them. I was dumb, but mature. More mature than the receptionist at my school, maybe even more mature than most of my teachers. But I still needed to grow, and as I moved into my teenage years, I naturally lost some maturity. I still needed growth. And no matter who you are, you're going to need an adult to do so properly. Some sort of guiding force to show you what right and wrong is. Some force to bring harsh realizations to you. Finding those on your own, with no guidance, and no comfort, that can be a traumatic fucking experience. And yes, she knows a lot, too much for an 11 year old, but she does not know every single thing.

      I can already hear your response. "She needs a good group is all." A group that fills the role of a parent by guiding and comforting her as they need to is a group of parents. Guardians. Whatever you want to call them. If they fill the roles of a parent, then they are a PARENT. End of story.
    • I never said Clementine still wasnt a kid. Im just sayin that it also depends on the enviroment you grew up in. Good for you that you were mature at age 11 but that means Clem should be more mature and has a mind that nobody could ever have in the real world becaude that is only a mind you have in an apocalypse . Clem may be young but c'mon! She can open cans and kill walkers and run (unless she is injured) and if she IS injured then theres not really anyone else could do . She also stiched her arm, knows how to shoot a gun, and most importantly she is not afraid. It would be nice to have Lee as a friends for Clem in season 2 but I would see them as doing things evenely ( take care of themselves)
      • OH FUCK. She can open fucking CANS. I mean, not to be an asshole, but come on. That is no sign of being different than anyone else. And if an 11 year old had to, they could kill. In the right situation, I mean. With the right combination of societal pressure, physical threat, and a number of other factors, exceptional children like Clem could do that. Clem is really fucking tough. Doesn't make her anything more than she is. A child. Children need guardians. Have you ever met somebody who grew up without parents? They're usually really angry, and really hard. I don't want that to be Clementine. If that's how she ends up, I'll be disappointed. She doesn't need a guardian to do everything for her, hell no. She needs a guardian to vouch for her in an unforgiving world. A guardian to teach her how to be a good person. And now, in the apocalypse, a guardian to show her how to survive. And I feel that she has already found those in Luke and Christa. Luke and Clem aren't exactly close yet, but Luke clearly fills at least two of those roles. Christa on the other hand shows her a lot of shit on how to survive. Without Christa, Clem would be dead. Without Luke, Clem would be forgotten within the group. She doesn't have a voice within the group, really. And she won't for a while. Well. Maybe she will, but without Luke, that wouldn't have happened.
        • Aren't there multiple situations in Season 2 where Clementine required the help of a more physically stronger and matured person to get her out of a sticky situation? I can name 2.
          After Clem got bit by Sam and then Pete and Luke saved her
          After she rescues Pete or Nick and they distract the walkers to keep her safe

          So yeah, she can't really stay by herself. Even the characters at the cabin make note of that by asking her where she will go after she gets stitched up.
        • Hey now, lets not forget my boy Pete.

          He would have filled this role perfectly. :(
          • Considering how he seemed to have raised Nick, I would only want him to be more of an uncle figure.
            • I don't imagine he would have been quite so harsh with Clem as he evidently was with Nick.
              • You never know, though.
                • Maybe. But Nick has one hell of a temper, and probably wasn't very receptive of Pete taking the parental role.

                  I myself was more or less raised by my great-uncle from age 9-ish onwards, and looking back, Pete's stance on parenting is actually pretty understandable. I just don't think he counted on Nick really not being the type of kid who should have been brought up like that, and what it did in the long run was give him self-esteem issues, depression, etc. Clementine wouldn't really need all the level of disciplining Nick probably got.

                  Still, you're right. We don't know.
        • What else do you need to know for an apocalypse? Walkers should be killed....survival skills (which clem clearly knows) (my point with the cans) and dont trust everyone. Clem was going in the right path. And its too late for her to have somebody to teach her how to be a good person. This isn't gonna be a therapy session. All Clem needs is a friend to help her with her badassery not necceserally a baby sitter to "look after her" . If she has food then she has enough strength to survive on her own. She is capable just like everyone else. She is also a good person and she can manipulate people with het sweetness if she needs to
          • No. I don't believe so. She's 11. She's going to change her personality. Changing your personality on your own can be a hard thing to do. A guardian can alleviate that. Plus, she's 11. She isn't badass. Remember how many times she's had to rely on other people to get out of tense situations? She relied on Kenny, and his knowledge of her to stop the conflict outside of the lodge. She relied on Walt to save Nick. She relied on Luke to save her. She relied on Pete/Nick to distract zombies as she ran. And there's much more. She doesn't need to develop as a badass. If she were like that as an adult, and she were more capable, sure, she'd be badass, but she's 11. Are you the same now as you were when you were 11? No. You're not. You're similar. Not at all the same. I'm not either. And neither is anyone else on this forum, because 11 year olds CHANGE. And I want her to change for the better. And if she has food, she CANNOT survive on her own. She was on her own for five minutes before the fucking dog tried to kill her. She had food at that point. What was the problem? She couldn't read the dog. She was dumb enough to let the dog get to where it was. There is hardly a shred of her innocence from Season 1 left. I don't see her as much of a good person anymore. Again, I don't hate her, she's just neutral. I don't see how anything she's done at this point is really truly good. Aside form telling Walt that Nick is a good guy.
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    PedoLuke BANNED
    Luke would be the best choice
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