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So, since episode 2 we've been thinking Bonnie's a traitor and shit, and now with the trailer out, we see Tavia is also a "traitor" with "no compassion".

But, let's remember how they both behaved in 400 days, Bonnie was very nice, and trusted Tavia with going to her community, she also warmed up to Clem, and Tavia was also pretty nice, she told them it was their choice to come with her or not, and didn't even talk about any capture plan while she was with the radio survivor away from anyone to hear her. We can conclude from that, that Tavia and Bonnie's nature is not like Carver's, and that they won't join a "militia" with a man like Carver out of free will, mark the words FREE WILL.

This is where the theory kicks in, Carver, with an unknown amount of people or even by himself, joined Tavia's community and slowly took the leadership. When he had enough power in his hands, he manipulated his people into going on a hunt for the cabin group who ran away, and people who didn't join his militia were forced to, and people like Tavia and Bonnie had to do it in order to stay in the community, you can even see Bonnie couldn't look in Walter's eyes!

To back this up, I want to remind to you about another case of a guy who manipulated his people like puppets. In "Rise Of The Governor", Brian Blake, who joined Woodberry and slowly became the psychopath known as the Governor. Carver, like Brian, both have charm and can manipulate people into doing horrible things.

The conclusion is that Tavia nor Bonnie chose the thug life, the thug life chose them.

So, what do you think? Holes? Something to add?
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    CrazyGeorge BANNED
    Disagree, we are all responsible for our own actions no matter what.
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      Of course, I'm not saying they're martyrs, but they're not too far gone, they didn't choose the thug life, it chose them, Carver's to blame, they only did what they had to do so he won't kill them.
      • I have to disagree. There's no denying that intimidation and coercion played a part (they always do), but some folks obviously think that Carver has the right idea. Keeping a community of that size together requires a strong leader, and a strong leader knows that he/she cannot maintain control through fear alone.

        To paraphrase General Einsenhower: "Leadership is the art of making people follow your orders because they want to." Unfortunately, the same mantra applies to the bad guys too.
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          I see your point, I partially agree, he convinced them to work with him, but after we saw what he's doing, I doubt all people would blindly follow him.
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        CrazyGeorge BANNED
        Yes, this is the problem with today's world. Not taking responsibility for your own actions, once your over 18 you know what is right and
        wrong. You always have a choice to do the right thing, no one can force Bonnie to hold that AK-47 and point it at the cabin group. Bonnie made her own choices and she will have to live with the consequences of what she did.

        Carver may be a lot of things, but he is only one man. Give me a break.
  • There's also the possibility that, y'know, Tavia was full of crap and was just saying what she had to say to get more bodies in the camp.
  • I think I agree with like 90% of what you said. But its just an theory. A week from now...



  • That would maybe explain the bodies of Roman and the other people found on the sides of the river.
  • I doubt they were forced into it.

    Carter's love of violence isn't what makes him so dangerous; it's his charisma and cunning intellect. You'd be amazed at the terrible things an otherwise kind and rational human being will do to impress or appease an authority figure.

    The same thing happened too many times to count throughout history.
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      I mentiond that, look again at the op, I know that charismatic leaders can drive people to do unthinkable things, a good example to that would be Hitler, but people like Bonnie wouldn't do things like that, she and Tavia did it because Carver rules with an iron fist, they have to follow his commands.
      • I'm not sure... Bonnie is nice, but we've seen enough of her personality to know that she's trusting to a fault and feels loyal to people who help her out. That said, it also seems like she harbors doubts about Carver and his brutal methods, so I wouldn't be surprised if she willingly breaks away from the group. Watching Troy smash Clem in the face with his rifle-butt might be the wake-up call she needs to realize how fucked the camp has become.

        I don't know enough about Tavia to ascertain why she's in league with Carver. It could very well be the case that she was forced to participate in the militia. in any case, we may find out this episode.

        In short, I admit that Bonnie and Tavia aren't the type to willingly engage in the brutal affairs of the camp. That said, I find it much more likely that Carver won their allegiance through lying and manipulation, rather than force.

        Interesting theory, by the way. I really look forward to seeing how this plays out once the episode is released.
  • i don't think Bonnie is evil. She is just at the wrong place at the wrong time
  • "you can even see Bonnie couldn't look in Walter's eyes!"

    Finally. Somebody mention this. Bonnie is not the evil person here. I hope she come with us to Wellington. I don't wanna her death.
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      Yeah, I think she would really connect with Clem.
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      CrazyGeorge BANNED
      Let's take history for a example. Would you say the German People were evil between the years of 1939 to 1945. Of course not, but they also did nothing when millions of people were being systematically wiped out. They didn't try to stop it They owned that over the years.. Bonnie is doing the exact same thing, she had a chance to stop carver from killing Walt but she didn't do it.

      She chose to let him die.
  • What exactly are Tavia and Bonnie 'traitors' to? They were never on Clem's side at all. They never even knew her until now.
  • Bonnie is just example of someone making unfortunate decisions, shes not evil at all. Not even Tavia I think; considering this theory.

    I mean all this you are talking about here guys, isnt gonna change a fact I'm gonna use any possible second to escape that camp.
  • I don't get it why Tavia would become bad, because in 400 days when she is talking to her colleague on the radio she is alone and no one is there to listen to her conversation with him, they sound like good people wanting to help survivors, otherwise if they were bad then they would say stuff like "Ha ha ha we've found more slaves to bring back to our base".

    I agree with you AWSOMO that it probably was a good community but then went bad because of Carver.
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