Will B**** have a new character model?

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It's been a long time since the events of 400 Days so wouldn't it make sense for Becca to be a little more taller, I think she was like 14 in 400 Days so she should be around 16 or so.


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    Yeah I think she probably will. Found it weird the only 400 Days protagonist we still only saw is Bonnie (Tavia excluded) might just be because of all their determinant positions though and the trailer didn't want them in it because of that.
  • Possible, or maybe she just stayed a short a-hole instead of becoming a tall a-hole.
  • Maybe a little bit different. I mean, Clementine changed quite a lot, so I imagine Becca has too.
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    I also thought that this looked like Becca but with no hair.
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    Yes, of course. I'm sure Becca will get an older model.

    Maybe even Russel. He looked really young in 400 days as well.

    There's a black guy in the new trailer who's pulling Clementine up with that rope. Maybe it's an older, bearded Russel?

    I mean, it makes sense that he'd have a stronger build too, being forced to do physical labor for Carver for over two years.
  • Well that's because Bonnie ALWAYS goes with Tavia so it's easier for them to give her a bigger role.
  • So it would mean that she decided to join Carver or was captured ( maybe with the others 400 days characters?)
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    I don't think that's her, I think she is the Annie we heard so much about.
  • Russel got manly lol
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    What do you guys think, could it really be Russel? [eliminate the spaces]

    http://i . imgur . com/naVR0n7 . png
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    Yeah, the nose seems a bit too pointy to be Russel.

    Still, I think he'll join the group in their escape.
    He was the most distrusting of Tavia when they were being recruited at 400 days, and he warned her she'd regret it if it turned out they were being tricked. I think he'd be the first one to join Clem's little rebellion.

    Becca, on the other hand, would remain loyal to Carver.
  • I sure Telltale will make Becca mature a bit. :)
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    I hope Russel join's Clem, It would be great to have someone like him in the group , I want him to find Nate again too, They need each other.

    I would think so, Fucking Becca....
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    Under Carver's influence, could she really mature in a good way?

    We all saw how he constantly tries to manipulate Clem to his side.

    With how "edgy" Becca was, I think he'd succeed in turning her into one of his thugs.
  • Yeah i think she will have a new model just like Clem did.
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    I just don't see it.
    but that girl is pretty though

  • That's not Becca. I'm thinking more along the lines of either:
    Shel, Danielle or Anna.
  • We are about 800 to 850 days into apocalypse, so she shouldn't be older than 15.
  • She's still ugly^^
  • My guess is the new girl is either Becca or Shel. I've personally pointed out that her features, aside from lipstick, frizzy hair and smudges all over her face, are nearly identical to Shel's. But then some other people pointed out she looks a little bit younger than Shel. So maybe she's Becca, more grown up. I'm still going with Shel, but the Becca thing seems relevant.
  • That's from his time with Nate.
  • Yeah, but not that much of a difference in height. Boys grow later in pubery than girls.
  • You know, we still don't actually KNOW if Carver's the bad guy in this situation. Apparently he's a good enough guy for Rebecca to cheat on her loving husband for some fuck time with him.

    So maybe he wasn't trying to manipulate Clementine, but warn her. Probably not, but maybe.
  • And we actually don't know if Tavia's group in 400 Days is actually Carver's group. Maybe it was a good place and then Carver took control. Anyway,since Carver seems some sort of dictator in the place and Becca seems some sort of rebel teen,she would probably some kind of lone wolf in the camp. That would match the look of this girl.
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    No it's not. Russel was pretty scrawny at the end of 400 days, and Nate is dead/gone by that point.
  • Could be Becca with a new model. she's older now and she's keeping her hair short. we never know what she went through since 400 days.
  • Maybe Becca's dead
  • It's heavily hinting that it was Carver's group, or at least that it's the same group, possibly with a different leader than it had before. Though the man on the radio with Tavia in 400 days, to me at least, sounds like Carver. To me, Bonnie and Tavia confirmed for being there gives me hope that it's the same group.
  • Ehh, she doesn't look like very obidient person.
  • I don't know if they'll make an entire different model, but they'd most definitely have to make her taller.
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    I think she is going to be just like lizzie from the tv show becca liked to kill people(Stephanie and that guy) and she doesn't seems to care about the apocalypse and finally she is creepy just like lizzie
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    I hadn't thought about this, but you're absolutely right. Russell could look older too. He seemed in his late teens, early twenties, so there isn't much growing left, but he did look very youthful in 400 days. Maybe he could even grow a beard. I don't know why, but that would be almost funny to me.
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    I'm starting to think that this George guy might have been the leader maybe the camp was good back then, seeing that Alvin killed him for some reason made Carver crazy, because George was his friend and now he's going to punish the cabin group by forcing them to do all the chores and work at the camp.
  • Dude Russel isn't that dark. His eyes aren't even the same. The only similarity is that they are both black
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