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      Fuck Troy.
    • (?) Troy will remember that.
    • Troy was abused by his father from a young age. He was constantly bullied throughout his school years and had few friends. When the zombie apocalypse started he was abandoned by his mother and father on the side of a countryside road. He wept for 7 days straight in the dirt. Then he met Carver and finally felt like a loved, valued human being. However, from the hundreds of beatings he received from his father when he was younger, he experiences muscle spasms in his arms at the worst of times. One of these times happened to be when Clem was running past him when he was holding his gun. He never meant to hurt her :( Now think about how you are making Troy feel with this hate campaign. Your no better than the bullies he grew up with!!!
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    I don't hate him. We still don't know the context of that seconds-long clip. Beyond that, I'm not going to hate a character just because something bad happens to Clementine and it involves said character.

    I'm probably going to get some flak for this, but I really don't care. It bugs me how obsessive people are over Clementine, that anyone who ever might be "mean" to her is instantly hated and shit. It's annoying. Like Rebecca - people actively wanted her to *die* for being mistrustful and bitchy towards Clementine. It's ridiculous.

    I'd like to know more of what's going on before I devote myself to hating somebody.
  • Troy just hit Clem who is a eleven year old girl, Why did he not just grab Clem instead of hitting her?

    I hate him already
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    He hit Clem then pushed her around, I really hate him right now.
  • I probably sound silly, but I think of Clem as my daughter (I know some other people also feel that way). I really care for her as though she were my actual daughter and anyone that hurts my Clem will be hurt. When Lee passed away, I was sobbing and I promised him that Clem would be ok and that I would do whatever I could to protect her. I know this is a game, but I take it very seriously. Fuck Troy.
  • I'm kinda looking forward to seeing him beat her, don't hate me. The only thing I hate about him is that he has no voice yet.
    • Maybe you should explain why you want to see it? Maybe that way if you have a legitimate reason that does not make you seem like an asshole, than we would not hate you. Or something. I don't hate you YET. But I am gonna see your reason before i judge this any further :P
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      Can you expand your reason for wanting to watch a kind 11 year old girl get beat up by a grown man?
      • I really love violence, regardless of age or gender. I do expect others to love violence as well, I mean the walking dead does have a lot of it. I really don't have a good reason other than I just love it so much that I could even enjoy watching my favorite characters get beaten.
  • I didn't like him much to begin with but this definitely doesn't do him any favors. Slapping Clem and then dragging her round like a ragdoll! I don't think that makes him the most hated character though. He'll be following Carvers orders. He definitely won't be siding with us whereas I still remain hopeful Bonnie will either join us or at least be able to look the other way whilst we make our escape.
  • Y'know I was actually kind of expecting him to not be an entirely bad guy. You could actually see some sympathy in his eyes when Rebecca was screaming for Carver not to kill Alvin.

    I guess we'll see.
  • You don't know why he hits her yet, maybe you can make a bad choice that justifies him hitting her.
  • Troy be dead already

    He just signed his death warrant.
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