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Troy (Spoilers for EP 3 Trailer)

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I'm guessing everyone hates him at this point...

I'm guessing I might be the only one that doesn't hate Troy's guts, wants to send him to hell, kill him, rip his throat out, and all that... Now before I begin I would just like you to know that, I try to defend most characters, even though they may seem or are bad. I try to see the good side, and reasons to why they did what they did. Usually I am fighting for Lilly, Larry, Ben, and any other characters getting hated on. (Special thanks to MerakMissile2 for defending Vernon and his group, and anyone else who tries to think like me and him.)

In real life, there is child labor, trafficking, abuse(mentally, physically, and sexually), child soldiers, poor, hungry, thirsty, dying, and many more. If you can't handle a hit to the face then your as sheltered as Sarah. It's a cruel world, but you need to accept the fact that stuff like this happens every day, and you can't go and kill every person who has committed these foul deeds. "Killing is bad no matter what." --Lee.

"I do it because it's necessary. That doesn't make it good." -Lee. He says this afterwards. For me it depends on what happens next episode. If I absolutely have to, with reason, and meaning behind it then I will kill him. But if we have the choice I may most likely spare him.

I am quite against killing. Your ending a persons life. I just find that terrifying. I don't believe anyone should die except maybe those psycho, demon possessed, crazy ass people who can't even control themselves, and don't know right only wrong. Believe me. In real life I hate a lot of people, especially the trolls. But killing goes a little too far for me. Maybe a beating, jail time, or some kind of small punishment(good enough so that they understand) will teach them that what they did was bad.

Don't judge a book by its cover. "BUT HE HIT CLEM!" Yeah... So? You haven't even seen or played the episode yet. I always like to see the facts first before judging a 5 second clip. I agree that he deserves some punishment but I'm not killing him. Carver is the real bad guy/antagonist here, and I'm pretty sure TellTale made that clear.

After we play Episode 3, that's a different story. We know what's going on, why he did it, and his motives. Could he be as crazy as Carver? Is he following orders? What if he tries to help you escape? What is hes an undercover spy trying to bring down Carver? Could Clem have pissed him off in some way?

We don't know anything except that he hit Clem. And for me, that's pretty bad. But killing him for me is not the answer. I would like to see more on Troy, and his personality. If we have the choice to kill him, I won't.

How many people killed both of the St John brothers? Last time I checked only around 22% of players. So your saying you would kill a guy who hit Clem, but you spare cannibals who could have eaten her, or worse?

So I am ready for down votes. Go ahead and click that button. I can see it already. Call me a troll, or an idiot. I don't really care. This is my opinion and you can't prove me otherwise. After episode 3 is released, then you can prove me wrong. I will most likely(around 90%) be wrong, but I hate to see people getting so much hate. All the hate comments have made me generate this thread. Haters gotta hate, and I know that. Hopefully I can convince you all otherwise. I know I can't as I have tried before, but its worth a shot.

Can't wait for the next episode! Love you guys and hope I haven't offended anyone.
  • Don't worry about the downvotes because you have a point. I'm gonna admit that this text didn't change what I think of Troy. But yeah I understand your perspective.
  • Up votes?!..... I'm dreaming aren't I?

    This is kind of a bump because Troy and Tavia DO NOT deserve death threats. (Well not yet if they are truly evil at heart.)
  • Fucking invalids
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    WhatTheDuck BANNED
    Why is Tavia getting death threats it makes no sense?
  • You know why people spared the St. Johns? It was because 8 year old Clem was watching it. They were spared because people care for Clem. Now that she is 11 and has seen it all it makes sense. Troy hit her so that made the people that care for Clem want Troy dead.
    Update: I am not arguing with you, I am just trying to explain the St. John part to you
  • WTF? There were 13 likes, and when I liked this thread it showed 15 likes! Well, here's a double upvote!
  • I find it funny how before the trailer a lot of people found Troy interesting, and now everyone wants to murder him. I'm a fan too and I care about Clem, but going bananas just because he hurt one of my favorite characters is too much.
  • Well, just because worse things happen doesn't mean we have to just say "Well, since worse things happen we'll just ignore this." He slammed the butt of his rifle into a child's face, which takes quite a bit to justify. I'd say that people have a right to hate him at this point, and should be able to say as much until more information comes up that vindicates him, so to speak. I don't hate him, personally, because I've always been a Troy fan (yes, even though he never says anything. ESPECIALLY because he never says anything). I'm willing to wait to render my judgement until we have the whole story, but it'd take a hell of a lot for Troy to come across as a cool guy after that scene no matter what.
  • I can't stress how much I agree.

    Some of the people on this forum scare me sometimes with how easily they say they'll murder.

    Some poster even said he wanted Tavia to die gruesomely!
  • Am I the only one that killed every bad fucker in this game? Not killing the St. johns is just cruel, they would have died no matter what. I didn't kill Danny because I hated him I killed him because I would rather die a quick death rather than being eaten alive. When the living dead are walking the earth killing is necessary. Do you really think that Larry would have wanted to come back as zombie? Do you really think Mark wouldn't rather have had a bullet in his head than 2 legs used as dinner. I do agree that we need to give Troy some more time but he seens to need a beating, he acts like a muppet that does everything Carver wants him to do. It's people like that we really need kill. And your lee quote is optinal to say so It really just looks stupid using that as an argument.
    • Everyone's different. I respect that you made the decisions you did.

      So who cares if its optional? It's still a quote, so at least its legitimately coming from the writers of the game, and one of the characters backing me up optionally.
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