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Will loot be crossplatform?

posted by UnchartedKingdom on - Viewed by 3.1K users
I was wondering if loot would be able to transfer through different platforms because I use ps3 for Borderlands but I'm going to use pc for Tales (so I can get screenshots and such) and I can only handle playing a game so much on the computer before needing a break. It may sound silly but I just wanted to know if it was crossplatform.
  • There will probably be no loot whatsoever if it follows the formula of other Telltale games.
  • It's been confirmed that loot will be in the game. Just how it is presented is another question. Whether it will be found, gained from QTE fighting, if it will have gun part generation (unlikely?). We just don't know. Considering loot sources in bl2 we must find chests at some point, boxes and lockers. Though I don't know if we will get to plough through dung piles all day. Telltale will there be dung??

    But cross platform loot. That's a good question. Off the top of my head, considering we are not sure how this loot is going to be shared, I don't see Shift codes being given out on a PC version for the PS3. Can't even be sure that Shift will be used. The IP has been leased but would that tie in with Shift and even if codes were set aside for gear given in Tales, every one would have access to it as soon as it hit the web. I don't see the appeal in that for Gearbox or Telltale. So what's left? Some kind of save file recognition? Either way I'd lean towards no cross platform gear. Sorry OP. Really though, till they tell us I have no idea.
  • According to a few random articles I've read online, they say that "the loot you grab will be available to use in other areas of the Borderlands franchise". Pretty vague, though it sounds like they're just sticking to the Tales' game when it concerns the 'looting' portions. Maybe they'll surprise us later on by making the loot compatible through a 'scannable' qr code or something!

    It would be most interesting.
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    Ellias BANNED
    lol no never. If ttg can't do cross platforms now, they wont do it for "loot', whatever that means.

    Pretty sure that wont be in this game regardless.
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    Blind Sniper Moderator
    Don't forget Poker Night 2 had Borderlands items. That game handled the items by associating them with a Shift account.

    I'm not too heavy into Borderlands so I do not know if a Shift account shares items across platforms or not. Either way, I imagine Tales from the Borderlands will handle it the same way Poker Night 2 did.
  • Anyone want to put cash money down on the chances for randomized SHiFT codes for BL2?

    I would cackle like a banshee, and then weep like I was 10 and just skinned my knee.
  • I bet it will use that "Shift" system from Gearbox
  • Just a thought...

    but since This game is coming out later this year....

    And the Borderlands PreSequel is coming out later this year....

    maybe a potential cross-game unlockable isn't for BL2. Maybe it'll be for BL-TPS. Just a thought.
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