• he wouldn't ditch clementine, even though you could make him hate lee in the first season in the end he sacrifices himself for christa/ben so they could all make it out in one piece :P
  • When does he ditch you exactly? I think he only decides to not help you if you weren't on good standings with him. If you assisted him in the meat locker and Hershel's farm while generally being good with him, he'll look out for you in season 1.
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      is your name an oxymoron?
    • He does so in two episodes. In the second episode of season one, Lee was nearly killed by Danny with the rifle and Kenny just stood there. In the third episode, Kenny refused to help Lee in the first action scene, Lee was nearly killed and he told Kenny "Fuck was that?". Kenny argued "You took care of yourself didn't you?"
  • I doubt it. Kenny's sanity is definitely questionable at this point, so I think soon he's gonna snap and maybe go on a rampage or something like that. I remember this fanfic I read where the game and tv series crossed over, and Sarah and Carlos get bitten and Kenny shoots them without remorse. He straight up murders Rebecca too, and leaves Daryl (yes, Daryl) for dead.
  • Look, its not our fault you chose not to save a kid or were too timid to help finish off Larry.

    Kenny "fans" like Kenny because he is solid. He is a loose cannon, but solid when you need him the most.

    So yes, I will be backing his every move in the next episode and hopefully we can make it out unscathed.
    • i'm right there with you. i don't know if i'd call not helping make sure larry didn't turn "timid," because i'm a fairly timid person myself - i just know a bad situation when i see it, and i was willing to 'be the bad guy' and make the bad choice if it meant protecting clem. (even if he could have been revived - which, if you actually know how the body works, was impossible at that point - i wasn't going to risk clem's life, and besides, i needed to stand with kenny on this instead of alienating him completely.)

      kenny might be a loose cannon, true, but he IS solid, like you said - and also dependable if you've given him reason to trust you. my lee was loyal to kenny to the end, and he returned that favor. he was a good friend
    • You are wrong. It was easy to predict Kenny would save Duck, which is why many of us helped Shawn. You would abandon Shawn to die simply so Duck can have two people save him simultaneously.
      As for everything else, with the exception of wanting to stock up on supplies to save Omid before finding a boat, I ALWAYS sided with Kenny. Thus Kenny abandoned Lee's quest to save a little girl... despite Lee having defended Duck in the pharmacy, killed Larry, executed Duck, executed the boy, helped him with the boat when not concerned with a wounded Omid, sided with him against Lily, etc., the list goes on.

      PS. Actually like Kenny. But he is not rational and can be very selfish for his own family. Thankfully he finally considers Clem family now, and is being very kind to her now
    • I'm sorry, but I couldn't kill Larry with Clem watching. Had Duck been there in the room, he'd hold off. Duck was clearly bitten and he was more than willing to risk everyone cause he was in denial. Yeah, it was his kid, and I respect him for finally dealing with it, but he's not solid. And Duck had his Dad at hand in the farm, but Shawn's dad was gone. Plus, at that point, I owed Shawn one.
  • No Luke has not abandoned his group, he is staying undetected which is a smart choice
  • He's obviously fairly unstable - but his substituting his family with Clem and Sarita make me think he's actually MORE likely to do anything for them now.

    For example, the second Carver points a gun to Clementine or Sarita's head, Kenny immediately surrenders. Which, usually wouldn't be like him, tbh.
    • It's not really a good reason but Kenny could also protect Clementine to respect what Lee wanted for her so he wouldn't take any risks that involve Clem. Especially if Lee and Kenny were in good standing in Season 1.
  • It doesn't have to be a perfect guardian like Lee, hell, she doesn't even need a guardian anymore, also he ditched you because you didn't agree with him, your choices to make him help you or not. He can be trusted, but if he does a few stupidest things doesn't mean you can't trust them forever...
  • Kenny is still capable of taking care of Clementine and protecting her, but he's slowly turning into something else.
  • Kenny always has a good motivation behind the things he does. He's a good man and I will always have his back when he needs it most.
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