• Is there something wrong with being mature? To the point you don't really care?
  • Completely disagree.
  • OK. Have fun, I guess. :/
    You're not getting on my boat, though.
  • lol, i think playing as clem has definitely made me and most others care for her more as a character :P
    • "lol, i think playing as clem has definitely made me and most others care for her more as a character "

      Think about what your saying..... How can you care for a character that is in your direct control more than an npc whose fate is unknown. The control you have is the difference between caring for our self in the real world and caring for a love one in the real world. 9 out of 10 of us would put our loved ones first every time, i.e going without food to feed younger siblings or children. Playing as Clem is no different to playing as Lara or any other protagonist, We care enough about them to want them to succeed and to further the story but we don't worry about them because we have control over them and can guide them from danger with the flick of an analogue. watching over Clem as an npc is a whole different experience, one that is likened to looking out for a loved one in our own personal lives. I get that people love the game but damn, sometimes it's like everything is considered better, no matter what and people get pissed when ever someone speaks against the game or prefers aspects of season 1.
      • > How can you care for a character that is in your direct control more than an npc whose fate is unknown.

        Because for some people, caring about a character comes from liking the character and seeing them make it through tough challenges, which in Clementine's case, we're experiencing right there alongside her. "Caring" for a character isn't synonymous with "taking care of" that character.

        Also, we may not worry about Clementine dying (at least, not yet, that's definitely a real fear for the ending of the season), but we worry about her getting hurt like she has been in the upcoming episode, or breaking down from losing everybody, or every other horrible thing that could happen to her. Her being the playable character doesn't make her pain any less real than it was when she was younger and an NPC, especially if her pain changes who she is in a substantial way that we must experience as well as the player. Like, for example, if she were to be captured and tortured by a band of psychopaths and is forever changed from it as according to the story, then even as the player, we have no control over that and can only watch a character we like be wounded mentally and physically. The fear is still real, regardless of our involvement.
        • ITA! I don't understand this idea that because the character is under your control that you can't still care about what happens to them. Didn't people care about what happened to Lee? And we've already built a relationship with Clementine so what is different?
  • I'm not getting into this. I will say it's your opinion and I respect that, rather than insult you.

    One more thing, I also admire your courage so to speak. Making a thread like this takes balls:).
  • "I don't really care about Clem"

    Well I don't really care about that attitude

    I'm joking but I 100% disagree with you.
  • Really? I felt even more emotionally connected to Clem once we started playing as her, because she isn't just a moral compass for Lee anymore. (She was a damn good one, at that. Still is a good moral compass, if you chose to act like that) we can actually shape her personality, develop her character to our likings. That wouldn't be possible if she was still the deuteragonist.

    And don't get me wrong I love S1 Clem too but they're still the same person, I think a lot of people forget that. Only one is a moral compass and the other can be whatever you want. I also really loved Lee's character, and I feel even more connected to Lee and Clem because I play as them.
  • I'm not afraid for Clem at this point because I know she is at least guaranteed to survive until Episode 4 (Based on the slides at least). By Episode 5 though, that's when I'll start to get a little nervous, because I don't know if she'll survive or not. Nobody is on the 5th slide other than a walker.
  • So when people change you just up and stop caring about them?
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