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Why ****** So Angry In Trailer?!?!

Why dood?


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    someone has screwed him over.. I would feel sorry for whoever Carver is about to go ape shit on.
  • Maybe Clem and Kenny play a trick on him with the walkie talkies for the lulz
  • "Stuck in the middle with you" playing in the background.....

    I'm wondering that as well. Anyway, I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that.
  • Rebecca dies and he gets insane.
  • He already was " inshane "!
    Alive_Clem posted: »

    Rebecca dies and he gets insane.

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    I think that Carlos will fail to help Rebecca give birth to the baby and it will end with both the baby and/or Rebecca dying.
    Thats why Carver is so pissed and beat the shit out of him with the talkie walkie
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