• Just wanna bump this, I'm interested in others opinions on this topic! :P
  • After seeing that trailer I've wondered if Kenny ends becoming a "danger to the group" and is Season2's main antagonist...

    or maybe I'm overreacting again. I've done that a lot recently.
  • I want Kenny to smash her head by a salt lick
  • I just watched it there too, and I agree with you to be honest. I mean, we played as her, and we have this conception that the people we play are good people, ie Lee and Clem. We played Tavia for a while too, there's a huge possibility she could be bad too. Carver doesn't seem like the type to share leadership though, so maybe Tavia will form a soft spot in her heart for Clem?
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    Let's not jump to conclusions, maybe she and Bonnie are dicks only because Carver threatened them to join him?

    We need to play it first.
    • Just my opinion but I think Tavia is a manipulative, evil woman who tricked people of a sanctuary that was actually a slave camp. Bonnie on the other hand I'm beginning to sympathize with, she's probably being held there against her will and she looks like she wants to help but just doesn't want to get in trouble.
      • At this point it seems pretty clear that Bonnie's being held against her will and is just trying to follow orders to survive, and there's still a goodness in her.

        Tavia can go either way. I have difficulty believing she's EVIL. Maybe she's had genuinely good intentions from the beginning and they've twisted out of control to where she feels "the ends justify the means" and she really thinks she's doing good. I don't know. We'll have to see, I guess. I look forward to seeing how Telltale writes her, it's bound to be very complex.
  • I think that Carvers community may have been a good place once. We met Tavia in 400 days which is probably set about a year and a half before season 2 and she seemed like a nice person. Maybe between the events of 400 days and season 2 carver might have just gone crazy and Tavia is only working for him to protect herself.
  • I was just as shocked as anyone to see her there, but this point we don't even know her role here. She could genuinely support Carver and be his second-in-command, or she could be biding her time and just putting up with his bullshit for the sake of survival, like how it seems to be with Bonnie right now.

    We haven't actually seen her do anything bad, per se, besides just stand around holding a gun. She didn't exactly hit a little girl in the face with a gun. I'm giving Tavia the benefit of the doubt for now.
    • I agree. From what we see in 400 days a believe that Tavia is genuinely a nice person. She offered the 400 days characters a choice whether to go with her or not, whereas I feel Carver would have just captured them and forced them to go with him. Or Tavia could just be really evil and good at hiding it.
  • I still find it hard to believe that she's bad, although she obviously could be. We don't know why she's with Carver. He could be threatening her. We don't know anything, really. All I know is that, up until 400 days, I liked her and she seemed nice. What the hell happened after that is a mistery.
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