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This probably won't happen, but...

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...what if Sarah really sees a reanimated Carlos walking towards and he already is pretty close to them?

Maybe Clem lost sight of Carlos and told Sarah he was fine so she wouldn't panick even more.

Then Sarah realizes that Clem lied to her and that her dad is a walker and she 'ceases to function' because it's just too much for her.

Now, THAT was the part that actually could happen. Now for the more unlikely part (that still would be cool):

What if walker Carlos is Episode 3's 'boss'? He's still overprotective for Sarah (jk) and attacks her, because she is totally freaked out and can't run away.

So, Clem protects her and pushes Carlos away. And that's when shit hits the fan, she has to battle Carlos' walker while looking out for Sarah AND with dozens of walkers closing in.

I know it's unlikely to happen, but it would be so badass if that happened...
  • I don't think that's too unlikely to be honest. The first part at least.

    I think Carver/Reggie/Someone else may kill Carlos by pushing him out of a window, hence why clem sees the bloodstain on the pavement. I think Carlos may then reanimate and walk around. At the end of the episode I think Clem and Sarah will have made it out, and they're walking through the horde, invisible because they covered themselves in guts. Then Sarah sees her dad as a walker, she screams, the walker crowd realise they're human, and then shit goes down!
  • Well that would explain the picture of Clem killing a walker with the same shirt that carlos had.
  • That, too.

    I didn't include that point because Screenshots usually aren't accurate at all.
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