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Will TTG ever make a non episodic game

posted by gjustinj on - Viewed by 493 users
I wonder if we will ever see an AAA full 20-30 hour game from TTG on disc in retail stores without episodic content. I wonder if it would even work. Thoughts?
  • Would take much longer to develop but sure, why not, Heavy Rain pulled it off perfectly.
  • I take it you missed Jurassic Park which wasn't released that long ago? It wasn't episodic although I haven't played it so not sure on the length. But an AAA game like TWD at 20-30 hours ... truthfully, I think people would get bored. Look at Star Wars: The Old Republic. Many got bored with the dialogue after a while and just started to skip it. People get bored with TWD because all you really do is walk around and click things while mashing the odd button. A game that's 20-30 hours of that won't do that well. They'd have to add more gameplay than what they have in recent games to keep players engaged if they want to do a 20-30 hour long one. I think Telltale's still a ways off from a typical 20-30 hour AAA game, but that's fine. Not every game has to be AAA or 20-30 hours to be successful. I think Telltale's found their niche.
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      Jennifer Moderator
      Jurassic Park was an episodic game released all at once (and it was released episodically on iOS). Telltale has never released a traditional AAA retail boxed product (the CSI games were the closest they ever came (since they were Telltale's only traditional retail boxed products) but they were essentially episodic games released all at once as well).
  • I don't think so, man. That's just how they do their job, and as the consumer, we just have to deal with it.
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