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When Sarah Screams

Are they gonna use the zombie guts to escape, Sarah screams and makes them get caught? idfk


  • It could be that she notices her dad among the walkers.
  • The witness a murder achievement is really early on in the game,so I don't think that would be Carlos who gets whacked.The eye of the strom where you see Sarah's broken glasses is the last,so it would be a lot of time for Carlos to be dead without Sarah noticing.And don't forget that Carlos is safe from Carver 'till Rebecca bives birth.

    It could be that she notices her dad among the walkers.

  • Sarah saw Justin bieber as a zombie and screamed
  • Reminds me of the No way out Saga in the comic where Rick had to lead a woman and her son through the walkers with Carl after smearing themselves with walker gunk. The son of the woman started Crying and he started drawing attention of the walkers. When a walkers were on him and biting him on the face and all over she started to freak out screaming then the walkers were on her. She was holding Carl's hand and wouldn't let go so Rick had to chop her hand off and keep moving through the herd with Carl.
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