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My Own TWD Scenario With Forum

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Everyone probably did something like this but i want to write too. I would like to include all you guys if you want to. Chapters will tell the stories of characters and at the end they will connect. I started with my good friend RobCo's story. If you like it, please let me know. (Sorry For Awful Grammar.)
He was running away from the walkers. Walkers already took his arm off back in the day, he wasn't gonna lose his head this time. He remembered his family, his mother. His mom was killed by a guy called Carver. He never knew Carver but he hated his guts. And that day he lost his arm. A zombie bit him and he cut his arm off in the following minute. Since he was a engineer he put a metal arm instead of his real arm. Metal arm was unfunctional but at least looked like a limb instead of a hole in the torso. He ran until he reached a big tent. It was a giant green tent. He walked near it and slowly spoke :''Anyone there?'' Suddenly a guy came out from the tent with a machine gun. He pointed the gun at RobCo. Stranger:''Who the hell are you?'' RobCo started to feel anxious:'' My...My friends call me RobCo.'' Stranger walked near him and inspected his behaviour. He reloaded his gun and :''We don't like fake names here, so what about a real one? I can't hear you asshole!'' RobCo took out his pistol and pointed at him. Stranger smiled went for the trigger but a scream was heard. RobCo :''Someone might be in trouble. Do you want to help the poor guy or kill me instead?'' Stranger crookedly smiled and :''Look, my name is Luke. I am trying to find my group. I can't help you so please just leave and help the poor guy yourself.'' RobCo ran towards to the scream. There was a guy being attacked by a zombie horde. RobCo shot two zombies down. But there were atleast 15 zombies. RobCo started to shoot them all. He got 10 of them but the gun noise attracted even more zombies. Guy who was being attacked shouted:''Don't risk me. I am already dead, they are around me.'' RobCo didn't want to cause another death. After killing his own son because he was bitten, he had enough. He took out his machete and he hit the walkers with rage. He was getting them one by one. After he got all of them he looked at the poor guy. Guy spoke :''My name is Jack. I was looking for my friend Freddie. He was exiled from the group since he was gathering weapons from illegal ways. But...But i just couldn't let him die out there.'' RobCo smiled bravely and he spoke as well :''Take me to your group. I need a group. Family is the strongest thing, you can count on me.'' RobCo's blonde hair was shining under the sunlight. His beard was way longer than it should have been. This was a sign of struggle. He was out there for too long. His smile was full of grief. He saw more than he should've. RobCo's life was pretty crappy but it was about to get better. A sudden explosion was seen behind the mountains. Jack:''That... That was my group's location... I...'' He was choked with words. It was unnecessary to talk anymore.
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