Do you think **** will hurt Clem more?

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The achievement said "got beaten down." With either Troy or Carver standing over Clem holding a walkie talkie. My question is, do you think Troy will hurt Clem even more since it's probably him in the picture? The picture makes it looks like he's gonna punch Clem or something plus a beat down usually isn't just one hit. He probably caught her stealing the walkie talkies and hit her because before that she didn't have that cut on her face.


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    I don't think much is required to 'beat down' an eleven year old girl.

    It might be a little bit more than we saw, though she didn't look that much more beat up when she was hugging Kenny after.
  • I sense a beatdown. Gears of War 3 style.
  • If Clem gets beaten, I will kill everyone affiliated
  • I think Troy will have a better chance of summoning Kratos for a back massage than living to see another day after hitting Clem with an assault rifle.
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