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Wasted potential?

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Do you think characters like Mark and Chuck were wasted? They had a lot of potential to be really good fleshed out characters but do you think they were killed to soon? Or do you think that they played their part in the story and it was right for the characters to die when they did?
  • Somethimes people die

    No matter how interesting they could be.
  • Definitely.

    Why must the good die semi-young/not-very-young?
  • Yeah, they were wasted. They were more of a plot devices than characters. Mark was there to get killed and give a justification for a player to kill St. Johns. Chuck was there to get Lee's priorities straight. After their respective missions were done, Telltale got rid of them faster than you realized that Lee was black.
  • I think they both served some purpose considering the events that happened. Mark served as a warning that the people are, and always will be the real threat. While Chuck in his short time served as a moral compass.

    That's how I see it at least...
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    CathalOHara Moderator
    Well the concept of the series has always been death.

    And Chuck was a very, very helpful for his screentime. Heck I'd even say he done more for Lee and Clem than even Kenny. He was the one who told Lee that in this world, it doesn't matter how old you are, everyone is alive and Clementine needed to learn how to defend for herself. As well as keep that hair short.
  • Well the story is about death and they didnt die for no reason their death's were connected to advancing the plot. And If no characters die it makes the zombie Apocalypse seem like cake walk.

    The St. Johns needed to put someone on the plate and if the St john's weren't cannibals well that would not be an interesting zombie story.

    If Chuck fought off all those walkers it would be like Hershal all over again with infinite ammo. It just wouldn't make sense. Lee wouldn't have to do that puzzle to get by all those walkers then he could just watch chuck kill them all. which wouldnt be interesting.

  • It's not like it was terribly surprising that Mark existed solely to be killed off, though. Along with having no real introduction aside from "Hey, Mark, you've sure been with us a while now." Not to mention, he didn't have a unique text color.
  • I was really sad to lose Chuck but I dont think he was wasted. His time was brief but he made an impact, and Mark had his part to play also. I would have liked to have more time with him but it just wasnt meant to be. In a zombie apocalypse, someone is going to die.
  • It was sad that they were killed but nice side characters never last very long. Either they die or they turn evil after a short time.
  • I think both characters served there role in the story perfectly but I just wish we could have seen more of them and gotten to know them better.
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