The reason for the Troy hate, the reason for the ragers, and the reason for most bad things

The reason for all this is...

This forum's excessive love for Clementine.

Seriously, I'm sick of this. Everyone cares too much for her. I mean, maybe I can understand, since she's a little girl and everyone wants to protect her. But still, think about this.

Why are there several Kenny-haters but next to no Clem-haters?

Kenny screws up, sure, but Clem does too. Clem went with a complete stranger without anybody's permission. No excuses, she knew better.

What I'm trying to say is that I don't understand all the Clem love. Think about this.

So Clem and Troy are fictional. A few pixels are animated to hit another set of pixels and your emotions are ruined. Kind of pathetic if you ask me. Heck, Troy didn't even SPEAK yet. And Clem was running away, what was Troy supposed to do? Let her escape? Troy would have gotten punished.

Guys, Clementine's not your daughter. Just a couple of pixels on a television screen. Don't cry if her pixels turn red.


  • Oh, and I don't care about your downvotes. I'm expressing my opinion, that's perfectly fine.
  • Everyone has a opinion, can't argue with that.
  • For the plot and story. I'm saying not to get too attached to it.
  • If they are just pixels then why do you play this game?
  • Everyone has their reasons for things, if that's his opinion then let him express it, some might not like it but it's how he feels
  • lol dislikes, they don't do anything, and I was just saying everyone has a opinion even if the people you love hate you for it
  • Lemme just copy-paste what I said from another thread.
    "I think most people still think Clem is 8 or 9. Nah man, she's 11(and possibly 12 later in the season)." And emotionally hardened since season 1.
  • Okay man. I disagree... But you have some point. Still I don't really like it. However have an up vote. I hate haters, but that means I hate myself.

    Haters gonna hate I guess haha.
  • Yep, I don't agree with him completely but I am at least respecting his opinion as I would for anyone else on here
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    Telltale built up Clem so that everyone would love her. The did a mighty fine job at doing so. You were meant to be attached and care for Clementine. That is the way her character was developed as. I do agree that some people jump the gun a bit much, but at the end of the day they'll get over it after they play the episode. Not saying I disagree with you, because you do bring up some good points :P
  • I don't agree with everything he says but he has some good points, so you don't have to trash someone because you disagree with them.
  • If you truly didn't care about the downvotes you wouldn't have mentioned it, and I gotta say you do have some balls to say this on the forum but you didn't say it very respectfully. Maybe if you had some humanity, less people would downvote you. Also, Clementine didn't know better she's a FUCKING KID. It's the stranger's fault for convincing her that he knew her parents. Also, Troy could have pushed her and I would be less mad. He didn't have a reason to hit her like that.
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    You don't seem like the kind of person that'd enjoy The Walking Dead as much as most people on this forum. I mean, sure, I get your point. Clem's just some emotionless set of pixels according to you, but in reality I'd say she's more of a representation of a little girl in digital format. Her responses to the various apocalyptic situations she's faced can be highly likened to the emotions that a living child would experience in situations like those. That's why we care about her. Hell, that's what made the walking dead game so successful; they portray humanity and emotion so well, even without incredible animation or technology.
  • exactly. it seems so real, yet... its not.
  • I know, it hurts pretty bad to watch her get violently hit like that. I'm sure some revenge will be dished out later though.
  • Clem can also be a heartless, cold, blackmailing bitch or an incredibly nice yes-man(or yes woman?) I don't think specific responses to portray ONE of many personalities is a good comparison. The last sentence is true though.
  • Yeah I agree. The Clementine fans have become extremly annoying since the start of season 2. Seriously even If Clementine killed 2 million puppies people would still say it wasn't her fault. She is the only reason Lee died and people should learn to deal with it. And NO, I do not blame her for being a kid, kids are naive but people should just learn to face that she killed Lee.
  • And this thread is just another example of someone getting hated on for his opinion. He doesn't want Clementine to die he just wants to give his opinion, and what does he get from it? Hate. You guys complain about dislike trolls all the time but has it even occurred to you that people might not always agree with your opinion? Because of the dislike button people on this forums rarely has opinions about Clementine other than one opinion which is positive. If not you'll be hated on for weeks.
  • lol who are you to tell people to not get too attached to it?
  • lol, I'm a Clementine fan. am i therefore annoying? :P
  • The average fan base have become way more annyoing but I'm not pointing fingers so you can think whatever you want about my opinion on you.
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    lol i was kidding. i understand that you weren't referring to all Clem fans.
  • youtube/c2dImprgiB8
  • Wow Cany. Just, waow. How do you get any enjoyment from this game when all the characters are just meaningless pixels to you?

    Alsooooo, you want to know why there are no Clem haters? The answer is because it's pretty pathetic to hate on a little girl, blaming her for things going wrong in the apocalypse! Fucking duh, but maybe you're not mature enough to understand this?
  • If you read what he said earlier he stated that he plays the game because it has a good story he's not stating something like "I want clem to die" or something like that I can't tell if you're being serious but this is the problem he doesn't care for Clem so he's not mature ok sure? Now I don't agree with all his points but he didn't say he was blaming Clem for everything wrong in the apocalypse what I'm trying to say is not everybody will care for a character like others do they just don't maturity has nothing to do with it (not directed at you just at people who act like this in general)
  • Instead of dislking my comment can't you give me a reason for disagreeing with me?
  • You are acting ignorant.
  • God dammit, maybe Clem should take a page from Ben's book and be the most useful character.
  • Haven't you learned that there's people that dislike for no reason...

    To answer your comment. Why do people keep saying that dislikes don't matter, that they don't hurt, yet it's connected with the term hate. If people want to dislike something then let them... how does a dislike irk you to the point of pointing it out? The OP doesn't need your help, he seems confident enough to say what's on his mind and not really care what people think. Every post you make sounds hateful or annoyed, why are you torturing yourself being here then?
  • Really? So this forum is everything about being happy? Seriously I post a lot more positive stuff than negative but I'll be remembered more for post like this because It isn't what everyone else thinks. And I actually think that the forum has improved a lot sinced they removed pics and gifs, It still has it flaws and you know what? I have flaws, we all have flaws that is what makes us human. But how do we get less flaws? By thinking.
    By saying the op doesn't need help what is the point of us being here if we can't agree and share our opinion? I actually really don't care about dislikes but It's just really lazy can't people respond to me instead of giving me a dislike? I don't even know who disliked me so how am I supposed to know anything?
    Another thing that really grinds my gears Is that people on this forums are attacking communities they have little to no knowledge about. What the the hell did the Borderlands community do to deserve the blind hate?
    What we all have to release is that there no such thing as a perfect game, a perfect community, a perfect society and we are not better than other people.
  • people really need to remember this. clem has grown up she went though character development that was for the better. i was replaying season one and noticed something. clem in the first two episodes is more a plot device then a character herself. she was mostly there for lee to protect. then episode 3 happends and chuck gave that speech to lee which can be summed up as " treat her as a person she will die if you treat her this way." and after that she started fending for herself sure she still needed lee to help her but by the end of the game after lee's death she was able to fend for herself. if she was still as she was in episode 1 and 2 she would have died along with lee.

    now in season 2 she has grown up she is nolonger naive about the world she understands it's a dark place and people die because of her makeing dumb mistakes.

    really people need to understand characters change over the course of a series be it movie,tv or game. i understand you got attached to her heck i am attached to alot of characters in game but not the the extent i want every single character to die because they caused her harm.
  • I was thinking maybe someone else was being hit Clem started to run to help and he smacks her.
  • I see this forum as a way to have a good time. I see no reason to get annoyed or hate anything because life's too short to be salty. I want to talk to people and see their take on the game.Why shouldn't this forum be about being happy? What benefits will being a cynical, emotionless person give? People take this thing too seriously and act as if every opinion is a personal attack. Yes we all have flaws and thinking about them won't take them away, we have to act on them. If you don't care about dislikes why do you want to know who disliked you? This is the internet, nobody has a face and most are too scared to show it.
    I agree on the blind hate for other communities though. I mean I don't care for Borderlands so what do I do? I just ignore it and let the people who want to enjoy it, enjoy it.
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    First off it's not always on a TV screen, second she has her own character, she's not just a few pixels. When someone you care about gets hurt do you say "it's just a few atoms on earth, don't cry over the atoms if it appears red"? Respect your opinion though.
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