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[Screams internally at Clem]

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Why couldn't she just told the couple to give up and let her go find Luke and Kenny? I mean they eventually do, but why not right after she left? Or pretend that she wasn't even there and wasn't a part of their group and come to save them later? Carver only saw her for a few minutes, she could've just slipped through carver and pretend she really didn't know the group and just was a random little girl! So why didn't she? and the fact that Carver let Luke go.... Clem had a chance to save them from the camp... Don't complain that she's just a kid, she does shit better than what most people can do in TWD, and I'm barely older than her, younger than most people here too so that's no excuse.
  • Good question.. but i think she forgot it because all the shit was going on and on. Plus alvin and rebecca were pushing her and carlos was getting fucked up.
  • carver saw her back at the cabin, ya know, the ten minute conversation he has with her! lol he would have known she was with them since there's no way she would just be there.
  • Bonnie also saw Clem when she was with Walter and Kenny.
  • That is a lot of responsibility to put on a little girl. Yes, it does make a difference that she's a child. Sure, she's clever and well-adjusted to the apocalypse, but that doesn't change the fact that she's still a kid. Her brain and body are not even close to being done maturing. She's not going to think as quickly as an adult. Not to mention, as Green613 said, Carver DEFINITELY knows who she is. They talked for a long time when he showed up at the cabin. I don't understand why you think a ten year old girl should behave like Rambo or James Bond. Sorry, but if you're "barely" older than her than you probably don't understand how young you are. That would make you 11-13 years old (and too young to play this game, lol). Your brain isn't even fully developed until your 25 years old (research it if you don't believe me, I learned this in one of my psych classes), let alone when you 10-11 years old. Of course it matters that she's a child, but all that is a moot point anyways because Carver knows Clementine and there's NO way should could sneak and pretend to be someone else around him. The current situation is not her fault, no matter which way you look at it. She's in no way responsible.
    • Hey don't judge me quickly because of my age, I know more than you think (the last 3 years were long as hell) and there are a lot more kids younger than me who play this game, I played a lot of stealth games so I guess that got into me, I've made a lot of mistakes and that made me think of the future constantly (I'm practically almost every hated character in the game) even though it was about the past, I'm gonna sound ignorant but I really don't care, you don't know me from a hole in the ground and
  • Basically from the start, Carver already saw through Clem's lies. He knew that she was with the group.
  • You know.. You're right!

    Thanks Captain Hindsight!
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