• I am not sure, but it seems that "Fairest" is a very vital part of the storyline. At the very least it was always supposed to be related to the main story.
  • I am pretty sure that she got away from her fate.
  • I was literally thinking the exact same thing. I really hope so, since I don't want her to die in the end. (She's my favorite character :L). I'm afraid the ending will result in a sword through the heart from Rose. I am so not ready for the end of the comics. If she has escaped her fate, that would be a miracle.
    • I doubt that if she dies , she will die from Rose . I am thinking a fight with Rose and somehow that bitch Spratt jumping from behind after their fight is over ( I dunno who wins ) . Remember that Spratt has been taking lessons and Willingham spent quite a few pages on that . I am sure he will use that .

      In any case , if Rose wins their fight , I am certain that she won't be able to kill Snow and vice versa .
    • Well, Rose Red is not a villain. Even if she wins the fight she won't kill her sister.

      Besides, what's the point? I really believe that a happy ending for her and Bigby is the only one possible. Any other outcome probably will not be able to add to the story. There is already a lot of suffering in their lives. And while Willingham could do it that way, it wouldn't pursue any narrative goal. It would just make his readers feel bad.
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