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why most of the people hate Kenny..tell me reason..i love Kenny because he always with lee side and now on clem side ..he always sacrifice him self for lee and now for clem...IN EPISODE 3 you see that Kenny that clem you don't have to see this because he cares very much for clementine and has feeling for her..I LOVE KENNY SO FAR .HE PLAY A VITAL ROLE IN THE WALKING DEAD SERIES SO FAR..HE also play vital role in episode 3 of SE 2 please rule this hate to go back and hate someone else like troy not kenny...I also like lily but she was not the main character in season 1 ..she does not concern clem and she has no feelings for clem ..she just care about her father lol..SO KENNY FANS NEVER GIVE UP NO MATTER WHAT..LOVE KENNY SO FAR ..
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