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What happen in other countries during the breakout?

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in the game, does the apocalypse is happening in other continent ??!?!!! If yes, how would walkers traverse the ocean ??? will clementine ever travel to a safe place ??!! like maybe Australia ?!
  • Walkers do not need air to breath, they would just sink to the bottom of the ocean and begin to walk. So we would have hoards of walkers that walk across the bottom of the ocean until they fill up with gasses and float to the top of the ocean, or will decay and die. At least that's what Max Brook's canon says. :P
    • But....but the ocean is deeper than the Everest !
    • Well, due to not having energy sources (I mean really, their blood doesn't flow, so how do they move muscles and think and stuff?) in the ocean, they'd likely decay, if not be outright crushed by the enormous pressure at those depths. Then the fishies'll get them.

      As for the whole scenario, I think I read somewhere that the initial stages of the outbreak was extremely dangerous and killed people outright. After a while, though, whatever that was (a viral vector, perhaps) died out and the infection became airborne and harmless. Presumably, it would have carried itself to other continents by now, if it hadn't already been transferred due to people coming in from outside going back or people leaving the continent in the first stages. However, if the Wellington thing is true, maybe the infection has been killed at the poles. Who knows?
  • I've always wondered this - so, somehow all humans contracted this walker virus, but how the hell would it reach a few isolated people living in the Arctic Circle who haven't had contact with the outside world in forever? If they died naturally, would they still come back?

    With all the travelling humans do, such a disease would spread fast across the populated world. But what about people like that?
  • As a practical joke gone wrong, other countries decided to not give a shit about the U.S. and just went on with their happy lives!
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    Kennysucks BANNED
    all i know is that the Canadian zombies are too polite to eat people so we just go out to drink beers and hunt Canadian goose, Beavers, and Moose, but don't worry we make sure to apologize to them after.
  • Lol "A safe place, like maybe Australia". Who needs walkers when you have gators?
  • France almost found a cure as someone said once, but then yeah...
  • I feel the western side of Europe would be screwed even if the disease wasn't over there. With all of the people going on boats some might have went there and spread it through sneezing/coughing/breathing or may have turned and bit someone.
  • Well, all I know, is Russia is survived unscathed. When walkers bite Russians, the walkers turn into Russians.
  • That's the point of trying to find a Television in the first episodes. You have no idea what's going on in the world.
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    Delfy BANNED
    I bet in romania the gypsis had stolen the zombies xD
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