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Clem is growing up: Deal with it

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*puts sunglasses on*

Deal with it!

It seems a lot of people don't like "badass Clem" as much as innocent Clem, and I can see why and respect that opinion, but there is a line between what we want and what is real.

Let's be honest: innocent Clem was naïve. She was inexperienced and her hope was only false hope. The problem here is that we don't want Clem to grow up. We want her to be the same old Clem.

Sorry to say, but that isn't the way it works in The Walking Dead. Those who usually hold onto hope are disappointed, and those who are innocent can't protect themselves from the ones who aren't. Clem had to grow up in order to survive. This is reality. We don't have to like it very much, but we have to understand that this was an important and necessary change for Clem.

Anyway, just my thoughts on the subject.
  • The moral is, It's best to move on instead of clinging to the past.
  • I agree with you, and while I don't mind sassy or hardened Clem, (in fact I prefer it to naïve S1 Clem) it irritates me when people misinterpret her current character as some hardcore badass capable of killing. She's 11. (though she can use her age to her advantage, since people tend to underestimate her skills and abilities) I don't think she needs a protective guardian figure like Lee anymore, but she definitely needs a group and people to support her.
    I do think she *could* kill if it eventually comes down to it, but it would probably weigh heavy in her mind for a long time afterwards.

    Just my viewpoint. I respect it if anyone else doesn't agree.
    • Have you ever seen Full Metal Jacket? 11 is enough to take down 4 heavily armed American soldiers. Don't misconstrue what I just said either, I would never want Clementine to be like that bitch. But 11 is old enough to kill, and I feel we will see her start having to do things like kill. It sucks, but after some of the events have happened, that just seems the way it'll unfold.
    • I agree. Clementine is still a good person underneath the hard facade. She's kind of like Lee in that way I think. Yes, should could kill in defense of her life or the lives of those she cares about, but she couldn't do it in cold blood or do it non-chalantly. She was raised by good people, including Lee, and she has a moral foundation, but she is also learning that it could be detrimental to her and those she loves if she's too trusting or too open around people she doesn't know. It's definitely a balancing act, playing Clementine in a realistic way that's true to her character.
  • People who are innocent in this kind of world die. You have to go to certain lengths to survive, and even if you don't like it, you're going to lose a bit of your naivety. All I can say is: Would you rather have an innocent Clementine, or a dead one?
  • I don't really like sassy Clem a hole lot, for example at the bridge scene I would have wanted to choose another sentence then the one that brings out sassy Clem with the "remember I have done this before, in a shed"
  • It's heartbreaking. I WAS Lee. I, being a man, related to Lee. Now, I'm a defenseless kid. Just a kid. In a world where you can't trust anyone. A world where there are no safe houses. Life is more hard and more harsh in this world. Doesn't give a shoot if you're a little girl. We can't keep away Clementine from the world we live in. But at least we can try to maintain her hope and humanity. People needs to be hold on to something. Like hope, unforgettable memories and more. Of course we can't always be a polite and naive. But we don't always have to be a bitter and hateful person too. Keep hold on to that hope my member friends. That's the one thing none of this can take away.
    • I understand that mentality, even if I don't necessarily practice it when I play as Clem. I suppose that's why Telltale gives us the option, ultimately. Clementine (as well as Lee) is sort of a reflection of us and how we would behave (or at least how we hope we would behave) under the circumstances. Personally, I try to play Clementine as smart, a bit cynical, ruthless if she needs to protect herself or those she loves from those who mean her/them harm, but also empathetic and good at heart. Sort of like how I played Lee. Like I said above, playing Clementine the way I feel is right is definitely a balancing act. I sometimes end up regretting how I handle things.
  • I don't want Clementine to be "innocent", I just want her to maintain most of that friendliness she had in season 1. It's understandable that she became desensitized, of course, but I don't want her to stop caring and become a completely hardened cynic.
  • Most people want Clem to grow up so she can survive, Some of Clem line's in season 2 are a problem like in season 1 she loved her treehouse and season 2 she hate's her tree house?
    • I thought that was kind of strange. I think she was just trying to sound cool in front of Luke.
      • I still don't understand it. I guess after spending so much time with Christa, she got a bit pessimistic.
        • Yeah. Plus, she's lost both her parents, Lee, pretty much everyone she loves. AND she had to slit a dog's throat. For an 11 year old, that's a hell of a lot to go through.
        • Well, her treehouse WAS where everything started, for her. She was there all by herself in the treehouse for days while she watched the world around her become a living nightmare, from a vantage point. Can you imagine how scared she must have felt?

          It was literally where the world started falling apart. Maybe she just associates it to the start of the ZA, now. A terrible thing.

          That's why she hates it now.
          • Yeah you right pride, however Telltale said she loved playing in her treehouse with her imagination, Surly her good memories outmumber the bad?
            • I really doubt it. I'd say really bad memories are more likely to overpower you than good ones.

              The ZA is a life changing thing. It's so significant, that I would be surprised if she DIDN'T associate bad memories with the treehouse.

              She's a kid, they're more sensitive to scary stuff and the like. She pretty much lived through her worst nightmare in that treehouse, alone. Just think about it, what it was like to be there, alone and scared to death, wishing to wake up from that terror, with no one coming to save you. It's the kind of thing that would haunt a kid forever.
            • Good imagination-based memories vs bad REAL memories.

              Bad real memories are going to have a stronger associative effect, becaues those are memories of stuff that actually happened.
          • Also, she almost starved up there.
    • Or she could have USED to love the treehouse, until she had to spend days hiding in it from her babysitter turned flesh eating undead monstrosity. It probably got pretty ripe up there. Plus there's trauma involved with associating the treehouse with what was happening arond her.
  • I'm one of the odd balls, because I actually want Clem to grow up.

    I like her season 2 self a lot.
  • People see kindness as a weakness in this kind of world, when in fact it's takes a whole lot more balls to be kind then to be sassy. Just think about it, whose more mature, the girl that snaps at the pregnant woman or the girl that remains quiet, and eats her food, not giving a fuck what the other person thinks or says. I'm just saying, I don't care what kind of Clementine you play as, mine will always be optimistic, or what you guys would call innocent. Just because she's growing up, doesn't mean she has to lose her former self. It takes a whole lot of strength to do the right thing, it takes strength to be silent while Rebecca is harassing you, while the weak person snaps and loses their temper. Kindness isn't a weakness, it's just a different type of strength.
    • Thank you, my thoughts exactly.
    • I agree with a lot of what you're saying, even though I play Clementine differently. Though, I don't think that Clem "snapped" at Rebecca. She very calmly threatened her. Rebecca was sh*t-talking a little girl for the umpteenth time. She didn't respect Clementine and treated her like trash. I wanted to let Rebecca know that Clementine knew a lot more than Rebecca thought she did. I wanted her to know that Clementine is willing to stand up for herself and was tired of being treated like a piece of trash by Rebecca. It wasn't weak, nor did she lose her temper. It was a very calm threat that said "Back off, lady. I'm not going to put up with your constant threats and insults. I'm stronger than that." That's the way I perceived it at least.
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