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Missing tf2 items

posted by Totalycrafted on - Viewed by 1.2K users
I have unfortunately pirated poker night 2, but i bought it on steam later. I did finish claptraps bounty and sams bounty, but the bountys got carried over, but didn't register that i had gotten them when i bought the game. Still I haven't got even the achievements or the prize items such as the mask for spy or sams hat. What can i do to undo this? Deleting folder doesn't work and I haven't found any helpful way to delete stats and progress. Help!
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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff
    We apologize for the issue you are experiencing with TF2 items not unlocking. Due to the Steam architecture, achievements cannot be acquired while playing in offline mode or without an active internet connection. For more information on Steam’s policy regarding achievements, please see the following thread:

    Unfortunately, the only way to unlock the achievement and corresponding TF2 item would be to remove your save game and prefs.prop file from your system and reacquire the achievement while playing online. To avoid this issue arising from an interruption in internet service, we advise that you occasionally make a backup copy of your save and prefs before earning a bounty achievement.
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