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Will you post spoiler topics tomorrow?

BenPaulBenPaul Banned
edited May 2014 in The Walking Dead
How many of you are anxious to post spoiler topics and ruin the game for non-pc/mac users?


  • Im pc but that's just a dick move, don't do it
  • I am, MUH HA HA HA HA!
  • CathalOHaraCathalOHara Moderator
    edited May 2014
    I'll stay in spoiler-topics once I beat the episode. So I won't spoil it for you guys. Just hope I don't have the download issues I had last time.

    I'm that wonderful of a bastard.

    By the way, love your profile picture.
  • The mods will crack down hard on that, I'm sure. Just use asterisks to cover up names and stuff please.
  • You must be pretty bored LOL.
  • Just don't go on the forums until you play the episode.

    I've learned that the hard way...
  • Simple. Avoid the forums at all costs until you play it or you WILL be spoiled.
  • MrLeeMrLee Banned
    The only way to stop me is put me in a shed 48 hours with food and wather and a tv NO INTERNET
    javoris767 posted: »

    Simple. Avoid the forums at all costs until you play it or you WILL be spoiled.

  • Yes I will. After playing the Episode to check opinions. However, I will put Spoiler tags to respect those who are still unable to play it.
  • PC, I'm gonna be playing it soon but I probably won't come around here till a little while after. I like to think about things myself before reading other people's thoughts.

    So no spoilers from me.
  • BenPaulBenPaul Banned
    10 hours to go until non-pc/mac users will be spoiled.
  • PC. Not a fan of spoilers, so no spoilers from me.
  • It's actually May 13th right now here in Australia lol, but I'm guessing it's early in nighttime in America.
  • I actually like spoilers,it made me anticipate stuff that would happen,as long as it's not too detailed
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