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How Can I Prove That..

posted by ValerieVanilla on - last edited - Viewed by 3.9K users
...The walking dead, and zombies, general, aren't Satanic? My best friend doesn't like when I do even simple things like looking at a picture of Clem because she thinks it has 'subliminal messages". She told me to search up "The Walking Dead Game Subliminal messages" and there would be so many of them. so I did, and there were just some random pictures that appear when what you search doesn't really have anything related to it much. She saw a picture of some star thing from the TV show and told me that that star is a tattoo people get and chant satanic stuff (At the time I couldn't tell what it was since I was on my small phone, but later found out it was Rick's badge). If you search the exact keywords that I did, you'll probably find it.
Do you guys no anything I can say/show her to prove that it isnkt satanic?
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