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Clementine gets a boyfriend?

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What if Clementine got a boyfriend? Clem's flirty nature just comes so far in season 1. Like putting a bug under someone's pillow....

UPDATE: Not that kind of boyfriend. The relationship of like what Joel and Tess had in The Last Of Us.
  • Eventually, she will get a love partner. As Luke said, family is the most important thing in post apoc. world, so Clemeintine shall someday become loving wife and mother.

    She will not stay a child forever.
    • Or she might die an adolescent. Of course, I hope to God Clementine lives to be at least 18 years old, or at least experiences some sort of true, if temporary happiness before death. I don't know how likely I'd say it is that Clem will ever be a mother. Maybe she'll end up looking after Rebecca's baby and be a mother figure for it, but I can't say with any amount of certainty that she will ever have children of her very own.
  • Maybe when you she turns into an adult. I like romance as much as the next guy but she's 11(and possibly 12 later in the season) and most other males are 20+. Unless you're into that shit being played out like a romance.
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    Why a boyfriend? Maybe she's into girls or she's not interested in anyone at all. Gotta survive first.
    • How'd you get so many dislikes..? It's entirely possible she's into the opposite gender. I can see it happening, TTG is clearly unafraid of making canon LGBT+ characters.
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        Unfortunately as much as I like this forum there's a big amount of homophobia and people who just dislike everything. They can't even stand me bringing up a possibility. It's pretty sad.
        • I know, I've experienced it firsthand.

          It's kind of jarring for me since I'm used to Tumblr where almost everybody is accepting of LGBT+ people. Sometimes I forget homophobia is so commonplace IRL and on other parts of the internet.
          • Same. Obviously there's a few bad eggs but on there you can say stuff like "I think this character is LGBT+" and people... don't... shit on you??
            • I know. It honestly makes me feel really uncomfortable about posting here knowing that there are so many regulars who vehemently disagree with my sexual orientation. There's tons of sexism here too.

              I imagine if I even touched on the idea of any characters being non-cis on the forums I'd get bombarded with downvotes and hate.
              • Ha please! I remember seeing a post on here on another old thread that was like, "Clementine being a lesbian? What's next, you think Luke is transgender?" and in my mind I just kind of thought, "Gosh, well... actually that'd be pretty neat...."
        • I couldnt have said it any better myself,im happy to see the community isn't full of retards
        • Honestly, with this forum all you have to do is say the word "gay" and all the dudebros come crawling out of the woodwork to complain. It's pathetic.

          There's a thread going on right now about Bonnie/Luke being a possibility. Bonnie/Luke has got pretty much the same amount of in-game proof and likelihood that Nick/Luke has, but guess which one gets pages upon pages of vicious hate speech? Not the straight one, that's for damn sure.
          • One thing I have to say about the dudebros and other homophobes like Clem_is_awesome. "Fuck em"

            You don't like gays, carpet munchers, queers, sausage massagers, butt pirates or whatever you want to call them just because they're gay there is one thing I want to say back. Why should anyone care what you think? The moment you showed that you hate a minority just because they're different you showed that any opinion you have is automatically invalid and that you are a sad pathetic wretch.

            Btw skoothz this isn't aimed at you, I just needed to vent after reading some of these posts :)
            • I know, buddy, it's fine.

              The mods on this forum need to start cracking down on hate speech. This is getting really uncomfortable and really out of hand. We should be allowed to say "I don't think this character is straight" without getting attacked so viciously. Simply saying you have a harmless theory about a character does NOT warrant the amount of backlash it gets. It's disgusting and uncalled for and I'm sick of seeing it, because I go to the Tumblr community, I don't SEE this kind of shit. It's ass-backwards and it's pathetic and it makes me feel like I can't fully voice my opinions on the forum.
              • Well putt it this way, i'm straight and I see the possibility of Clem being into girls the same way that I would see my own daughter (if I had one) being into girls. As long as she is happy with the person she is with who cares.

                I still don't know why people are still talking about Clem getting in a relationship though, she is still physically a child.

                Anyway don't be afraid to voice your opinion, most of the people on here a good folks. As long as your opinion doesn't involve supporting pedophilia hate speech or anything like that lot of other people on here will defend your opinion if people attack it :)
                • That's a wonderful mindset to have, AusZombie, I think you'll be a great parent.

                  Nah, nah, me voicing my opinion is usually this kind of thing. There was a Nuke thread a while back where I had to call out a handful of people for making really cruel remarks, and luckily I got a lot of up-votes, but still. Feels a bit overwhelming.
                  • I think I remember that thread and if I remember correctly I did compare it to all the Cluke threads in that it was a nice improvement seeing as it involved two consenting adults.
          • I actually think Nick/Luke has more romantic subtext than Bonnie/Luke does. But no, since they're both guys, everyone chooses to ignore it and say they just have a bromance. [cue me vomiting all over myself at the usage of that word]

            I guarantee you that if Bonnie/Luke had as much subtext as Nick/Luke does, everyone would be saying they're in love.
            • Mm, to be honest, I see less validity in Nick/Luke now, I kind of more just feel like Nick's got a thing for Luke and it's not reciprocated. But there's something... not quite straight there, nevertheless.

              But yeah, no, absolutely, I've been comparing Nick/Luke to Carley/Lee from the beginning. Now that Bonnie/Luke is apparently becoming a thing... I dunno. I can honestly see them both having unrequited feelings for Luke and personally I hope that's the direction Telltale chooses to take it in. Not banking on it, though. Telltale seems to only want to introduce LGBT+ characters if they can kill them off in the same episode.
              • I agree. Luke seems kind of like an oblivious guy, imo. But still, Nick's comment "You gonna tuck me in?" felt kind of subtext-y, and if it were a girl saying it to a guy or vice-versa, people would've probably seen something there. I dunno.

                And yeah, it would be an interesting plot point. Luke, while I think he's mostly oblivious to subtle romantic gestures, seems like the type of guy who wants to be independent and would probably move out of a relationship quickly. So even if he did notice, I can't see it happening with either of them canonically.
                • Honestly him just babbling about Luke, defending Luke, agreeing with Luke, all that shit in episode 3 sealed the deal for me. For a while I was like "Well I like the theory but right now it's just subtext here" but now I'm like "Damn yeah he's gay he's really gay." But I don't see Luke reciprocating that. You're right--I think he'd be oblivious and it just wouldn't really be his thing even if he did realize it.

                  So at this point I don't see "Nuke" being a realistic possibility but I honestly do think Nick is gay. The problem is that I'm not sure if Telltale quite realizes how they set it up to look. He could have just gotten the brunt of bad characterization in episode 3. I hope that's not it but... he was pretty heavily neglected, so if this is just poor writing that's making him look like he's head over heels for Luke, I'll be disappointed but I won't be surprised.
    • I think the Walking Urban videos would be relevant now.
    • Clem could surely question her sexuality in a calmer place (maybe not right now) where she can think about that. She's at the point In her life where's she's like "what the hell is happening to my body" "who am I?" I remember being 11, 12, and 13 and being like that.
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        Exactly, like I said, gotta survive first. Once she's safe (as much as she can be in that universe) she can be happy with whoever she wants or just by herself if that's what she wishes.
        • Glenn and Maggie got together at a time of uncertainty, and Lee and Carley looked to have been doing the same. Don't see why Clem needs security.
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            I just want her to find some peace that's all, it's why I said that. She can be with whoever she wants whenever she wants.
      • What's there to question, really? She's scared, lonely, anxious, whatever, and she goes to another person for emotional comfort. Romance and junk ensues. Just like real life.
  • I'm fine if Clem starts dating, as long as it's not the center of attention like all these movies.
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    most people who post here never had girlfriends, they wouldn't be able to comprehend the reverse on an emotionally manipulated level.

    inb4 omg girls totally post here, lol sure.
  • i don't think we need a cliche romance subplot
  • Maybe she has a crush on Russell, if the two meet and become good friends. but that may never happen rs
  • Look, if TellTale did make something like this an option, wouldn't it all come down to us, as Clementine, making the option to pursue said boy (or girl, doesn't really matter to me)?
  • What if Clementine pulled an Ellie on us.

    Clarah or Sarentine? Hahaha

    Seriously though, I don't think Clementine even knows what the hell it would be like to have a crush on someone, or whether liking someone of the same gender is looked down upon, and stuff like that. I don't think people in the ZA give a crap anymore.

    I think that when she gets older,like 15 or 16 or so, if she gets a real best friend that's around the same age as her, I could see her becoming attached and beginning to have confusing feelings towards him/her , regardless of gender.
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