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Clementine gets a boyfriend?

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What if Clementine got a boyfriend? Clem's flirty nature just comes so far in season 1. Like putting a bug under someone's pillow....

UPDATE: Not that kind of boyfriend. The relationship of like what Joel and Tess had in The Last Of Us.
  • I think her having a crush could be cute but anything more than that would be a little weird. For real, she's only 11. Besides I don't see her ever being in an actual relationship, she's probably emotionally stunted in that area due to the trauma she's been through. But a crush would be ok, it could be a tiny subplot to lighten the mood a bit haha. If it was Russell she was crushing on that would be so adorable.
    • Jeez you should see how many relationships my 11 year old sister deals with. And I'm freaking 3 years older than her and I haven't even gotten into that stuff yet. xD
      • Well, that makes me sad. She's still a kid and should focus on being a kid. I don't know whats with young people being in such a hurry to "grow up" and get into relationships, there is plenty of time for that later in life. You only get to be a kid once, enjoy it!
  • Yeah,why not?It would be cute :)
  • This thread is not doing so well... ^
  • I've never even pictured Clem in any romantic involvement until I started hearing all the weird shit about "Cluke." And you know what? I still can't. Shes literally 11. What the hell is happening? Her, with Luke? Why? Because he's the youngest or most "handsome?" Really? And then all of you people who spew this nonsensical bullshit say "der, don't trip, it's just a game. Faggot." Really? If so, go get a girl or guy of your own, shit. It is just a game, one with decent writing and characters who feel genuine. If it wasn't the case then these people wouldn't give a rat's ass what kind of tasteless trash you say or imply on the forums. If the writers all of a sudden gave Clem a romantic option, I can guarantee I'd stop the game mid-season, and never buy anything from them again. So please stop your childish inquiries about Clem having a "boyfriend, teehee." It's dumb, and you know it.
    • I agree. "Cluke" is so stupid. Even if she does have a little crush on him (which makes sense because most girls have crushes on older, more mature guys), that doesn't mean shit. I wish people would just get over it.
      • I personally don't understand the "crush" argument either, honestly. Is there a dialogue option I missed out on? Cause I don't see it. Is it cause they smiled at each other on the bridge? But, I suppose it's better than all this "Huh Huh, Cluke" crap.
  • she does have a boyfriend
    his name is COARL!
  • Are you freaking kidding me. She's ELEVEN.
    • And people go on about how they think badass Clem is mature, then they say that she can't have a boyfriend because she's 11. Make up your minds, people.
      • being mature and having a BF are to different things
        • That's not quite what I meant. I menat that people prefer the "badass" Clem who has the maturity of someone much older, but don't think she should do some things that someone a bit older than her would do. The logic behind it was just a bit confusing to me.
          • Being in relationship dramas just doesn't seem that badass to be honest. xD
            • But being badass is sort of an adult theme, and it's the only adult thing she can do. And no people, I'm not talking about you-know-what, but a romantic interest that may turn into something in the future? Why not?
  • "Jesus, are you fucking kidding me?!" LOL. But seriously, I don't care as long as it's done right. Maybe not saying a romantic relationship, but someone of the same age who she can trust and call a good friend would be OK. But romance? if it's done right, alright then.
    • I love how you turned my statement from "are you freaking kidding me?" to "Jesus, are you fucking kidding me?!" I didn't know I seemed that aggressive lol.
  • No. That would be awkward as fuck.
  • I imagine Lee just watching her boyfriend with the creepy stare he can make in ep1 XD
  • considering how bad and uninteresting relationships in TWD are, I would rather pass
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