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Clementine gets a boyfriend?

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What if Clementine got a boyfriend? Clem's flirty nature just comes so far in season 1. Like putting a bug under someone's pillow....

UPDATE: Not that kind of boyfriend. The relationship of like what Joel and Tess had in The Last Of Us.
  • i think Luke like her he kind of a pedophile
  • Who the hell watches or plays TWD for the romance?
  • As a general rule pre pubescent girls aren't super interested in boys, add to that the zombie apocalypse no pre teen would be interested in a relationship outside of friendship.
  • I think if it really happened and gave us a choice 100 % of players will refuse which you would see in the stats ( except the ones that replay the episode to see different choices ) !
  • This may be a very unpopular opinion, but I don't see any romantic options for Clementine at the moment other than Sarah. The age gap between the two is at least acceptable, and they've shown to care greatly for each other so far. It's thanks to Sarah that Clem was able to patch herself up in the shed, Clem stood up to make sure that Sarah wasn't found by Carver at the cabin, Clem was there for Sarah throughout the hardships of episode 3, and she's the only true friend Sarah has left now that her dad is gone. Clementine has not shown any signs of sexual preference, or any romantic interest in anyone at all, but unless some boy about her age just comes strolling along out of the blue, she is either going to live alone or have something of a relationship with Sarah. And if Sarah dies, well...
    • "It's not much, but here you go". One like to start it off.
      • Thanks. I just hope people don't mistake my outlandish opinion for trolling. I took my time to think and formulate that opinion, and I don't fuck around when I discuss Clementine's future. I only want what's best for her.
        • I respect your opinion, but I honestly believe Sarah and Clem have a sisterly relationship at most. In episode 3, if you choose the mean responses when you talk to Sarah, Sarah snaps at Clem in a way that sisters would when they're quarreling. The whole "I'm older than you, your just a little girl, I know better" etc. Which when you think about it is a lot stronger bond than a romantic bond would be. Again, I respect your opinion, but I want to get my opinion out also.(If that's alright) :-)
          • Definitely. A sisterly bond is much more likely for Clementine and Sarah. I just think that if either of them, or certainly both of them, felt the need to have someone to hold and to love on a deeper level, that they would most likely turn to each other. I would be surprised if Clementine was content to live on without someone like that in her life. For now, it's understandable since she is only 11 years old and surely has much greater concerns than love, but if she and Sarah continue to survive together and bond as they have, I feel that they may find the kind of happiness in each other that they have never found in anyone else.

            Needless to say, I will be crushed if Sarah dies any time soon... I'm very afraid of that, in fact.
            • If there's an "I like you" "I like you, too" scene, Sarah probably dies afterwards. Or Clem does. Wouldn't be Walking Dead without violently culling happy relationships.
    • If Sarah dies I'm going to cry uglily forever.
    • Liked, since I support the idea of Clarah. I don't know if I can foresee them getting together anytime soon (Clem is only 11 right now, after all) but in the future it could be possible. Even if there's no romance involved, I do think they'll end up being good friends, or at least sidekicks.
      I will be so disappointed and heartbroken if Sarah dies in an upcoming episode.
      • Agreed. I think it's great how people like you and I feel this way because we still have the emotional attachment to this season that a lot of fans seem to have lost. There is definitely a shortage or any Lee/Clem quality bonds, but Sarah and Clem have something special for sure. A lot of people are calling her "the Ben of season 2". It's unfortunate that not many people seem to understand how important she probably is to Clementine, and that Clem would be devastated if Sarah died.
        • Yeah, after episode 3 I felt a lot more attached to the cabin group, but I was always attached to Sarah and I see a lot of potential for a heavy emotional bond between her and Clem. Sarah was always sticking up for Clem in episode 3, even if you had been rude to her previously, and I thought that was great. I'm seriously excited to see where the development of their relationship goes.
          • It'd be a big hurdle dealing with the moral guardians, unfortunately. Look at the outcry over Mass Effect. Now imagine that with kids. Doesn't matter that there's no sex or anything. Gay content's typically enough to get something rated R by the MPAA. Americans are shits that way. Which is to say, if Telltale does it anyways, I'll be in love with them forever. Get the TTG logo tattooed on my heart muscle.
            • I forgot about that. There's this huge stigma that if you make a child character anything but straight, you're "sexualizing" them, which is total bullshit and extremely offensive to LGBT+ people. The excuse that kids are too young to start questioning their orientation is BS too, I've talked to people who've said they've been attracted to the opposite gender for as long as they can remember, even before adolescence.
      • I mean, kids get together. They hold hands and uh... I dunno. I mostly just want to see more options for Clem to go to bat for Sarah. I was really ehhhhhhhh about not being able to chime in at all when Carlos slapped her. The hug option afterwards was okay (and subtexty) but I feel like there's a lot more room.
        • Me too, hopefully we'll get something like that in episode 4.
          About Carlos slapping her, I think Clem wanted to say something, but Carver made it pretty clear that anyone who interfered would get punished as well. If you try to stick up for Sarah beforehand, he tells her to shut up unless Clem wanted a piece of what Sarah was getting, so I can kind of understand it.
          • I feel like my Clem would have taken him up on that. Maybe thrown the "if you test me, I'll pass every time" line back in his asshole face.
    • I think Clem/Sarah is cute, too. There's kind of an age gap, but to be fair, it's the zombie apocalypse and their maturity levels sort of balance it out.
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    I would say no considering the fact she's 11. Maybe if it was a playful harmless thing then why not? But kids nowadays are getting too "advanced". I would say no because of that. And who's she gonna date? Everyone else is much much older than her.
  • She's 11 years old. This discussion pretty much ends there. Maybe if she's like 15 in season 3... but I doubt they will jump that much time.
  • Im pretty sure Clem would not be interested in a boyfriend especially at her age now. Plus after what she saw happen to Omid and Christa.... Well i probably wouldn't want a boyfriend/girlfriend in the apocalypse either knowing they could die as
    easily as Omid did.
  • Eeeew no, boys have like cooties and stuff.
  • wtf?!?! Shes 11!! and after playing Lee my attachment emotionally to the character is like that of a father...anyone trying to date my 11 year old daughter better run fast and wear a Kevlar effing vest...
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