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Why are people mad at Troy but not at Luke?

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People are pissed off that Troy hit Clementine in the face with the butt of his rifle. People hate him and want him to die in the most brutal way possible, but the thing is, why aren't people giving the same treatment to Luke when he threw Clementine on the ground with no remorse? Clementine was hurt and barely conscious and he just threw her on the floor. What's with the double standards here?
  • Luke was just startled by seeing her bite whereas Troy was just being a shitbird. #FUCKTROY
  • The difference is that dropping her would just make her sore if it even hurt her at all. By hitting her in the face with the gun Troy could have killed her.
  • To be honest,I have more idea.Maybe its because we know why Luke dropped her, and for all we know, Clem could have been playing tag and he slapped her with the butt of his rifle!

    But all jokes aside, I think we need more details before we begin judging Troy, he could have had a good reason, or a bad reason.
  • I kinda agree on this... KINDA

    We don't actually yet know why Troy doing this shitbird thing, i actually start truly hate him when i actually see why he doing that but as an trailer standpoint... Fuck Troy anyway!

    And Fuck Luke too!!! :D
  • Luke never really hurt her when he dropped her; Troy might have broken Clem's cheek.
  • Yeah Luke threw Clem on the ground but guess what? Luke obviously cares for Clementine now and judging by how Troy treats Clem in the trailer... I think it makes sense why we hate Troy.
  • Luke was scared ya know? especially with the history they had. I guess people tend to panic cause they do not know when bitten people are gonna turn, SORT of like Kenny #RememberTheMeatLocker...again SORT OF

    With that being said, Luke and Pete still came around to trust Clementine unlike the rest of their group...Luke was the only one being the host.

    (When i am saying we...I am just saying it...we doesn't mean everyone in the forum)

    Troy on the other hand we are assuming he is already the bad guy by being part of Carver's community(we are contemplating it with Bonnie because we kind of know her) .We didn't see any scene that gave us his story...or shown to interact with anyone in a good way....looks like he hit Clementine when she tried to ran toward gut says she was trying to stop Carver beating up Kenny.
  • Is that a serious question? Luke dropped her because he was shocked, not because he wanted to hurt her. And of course he made up for it later. Troy on the other hand is clearly a bad guy and he hit Clem intentionally. Besides dropping her from a few feet is not nearly as bad as smashing her face with the stock of a gun.
  • Luke is the good guy, while Troy hit's a eleven year old
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