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Revenge on Vernon?

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I want some sweet revenge on Grandpa. How about a baseball bat to his old man head. Freaking thief. Anyone agree?
  • yeah sure why not
  • Only if we can use a saltlick...
  • Nope. It's been two years. Yeah he screwed the group. He done screwed them big time. But I'd say that after two years, you'd have to move on from that. I'd love to punch him right in the face and cuss him out for it, but I don't think I'd try and kill him.

    However, if he screws the group over again then all bets are off. I'd fucking mount his head on Nate's truck. Provided he blatantly disregards the second chance I'm giving him, of course.
  • Wait isn't Vernon dead? Didnt they mention it in 400 days?
  • Well they never said whether or not Vernon was dead because in Shel's story in 400 Days They talk about how Vernon was the reason why he and the group fell apart Vernon the old bastard could be alive somewhere or Lying face down in a gutter, or a mindless walker only time will tell..
  • Wouldn't mind a little back story DLC. Since Kenny's reappearance, I kinda of thought maybe he tracked down Vernon and killed him while trying to get out of Savannah. What happened with Vernon is never fully explained.
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    Kenny/Lee BANNED
    In season 1 as Lee and provided I wasnt bitten, if I could've caught up to him, and have taken most of his supplies, as compensation for the boat.
    Along with taking the boat back.
    Despite his age, Vernon would have it coming!

    But I would keep Kenny from beating and/or killing Vernon.
    I can definitely understand Kenny's anger, and granted Vernon would deserve an ass-kicking.
    But still Vernon is an older man, and I don't believe in violence against women, children, or the elderly.

    Along with taking most of his supplies, I'd also take any guns he might have.
    After Vernon stole my boat, he doesn't deserve a whole lot of mercy.
    The fact that I wouldn't let Kenny harm or kill him, that's more than enough.
    I realize that Vernon could potentially shoot any of my group, but given that his hands were shaking when he had a gun pointed at Lee, I think I'd be fairly safe.

    Clive on the other hand, he'd be a different story.
    Remember in 400 days how Clive, ( the middle age black guy ), wanted to kill that intruder that snuck into the gas station?
    I could definitely see Clive trying to shoot anyone in my group who came for the boat.
    And if he tried, I'd shoot him down.
    While still leaving Vernon, Boyd, and the others alive.

    In fact, cause Boyd was a good man, I'd invite him to join my group.
    Remember Boyd, the elderly black guy who pleaded with others at the gas station to spare the intruder?
    He was trying to do the right and decent thing.
    That's the kind of guy I'd want in my group!
  • Oh god, this topic again? Well, since I wasn’t the one who brought it up, I don’t feel too bad about asking this... A while back I had a discussion with Byakuren about why I don’t understand the hate Vernon gets. Unfortunately, we both kind of forgot about it and I never got an answer. So here’s a summary of my points:

    -Ben is responsible for Brie's death because he was preventing the group from easily escaping the classroom by causing needless drama while Brie was holding down the door. Vernon was there, he saw Kenny kick open the exit, he knew the only reason they weren't hauling ass out of there was because Ben was causing drama, and he knew if they hadn't stood around the classroom dealing with Ben’s drama, Brie wouldn't have died. Vernon knew full well that Ben caused Brie's death, and yet he's still horrified if Lee let's Ben die... I wonder what kind of man this makes Vernon? Seems like a decent one to me...

    -Vernon wanted to help Omid, a man he never met, for no reason whatsoever outside of the goodness of his heart.

    -If you go back and see the section Lee explores, literally the only passages in are the broken ladder above the shelter and the fun-slide near the dead rats. Consider their sheer numbers; isn't it pretty much certain that after enough walkers fell down the manhole and died, they eventually left a cushiony soft pile of dead corpses? From then, any subsequent walkers would have fallen in, dusted themselves off, and enjoyed shambling around their new underground home completely fine. As in, the walkers were in the sewers and they weren’t leaving any time soon. The bottom line is, like it or not, Kenny and the group were planning to leave Vernon's group to die. The sewers were infested with walkers that weren't going anywhere. "Not like this. We wouldn't leave good people to die" my ass, Kenny.

    So my question is, after considering these points, are there ANY reasons left why people should hate Vernon? The man had sympathy for Ben, the idiot who got Brie killed. He only stole the boat because he knew his group was screwed if they stayed in the shelter. He helped Omid, a complete stranger, even though he gained nothing from it and risked everything to do it. I can understand people disliking the guy for betraying Lee (as justified as it was). What's NOT understandable is how some people think Vernon is some kind of irredeemable monster who deserves no mercy, and should get "a bullet to the head" or to be "thrown to the walkers". Those are literally quotes from other users.

    If anything, Vernon's the one who should want revenge on Lee's group. They're the whole reason he lost his one safe haven and his entire group fell apart. Personally, I'd be feeling pretty ashamed if we ever met up again. Put it this way, if I screwed someone over (killing Brie) and was planning to screw them over even further (abandoning Vernon's group), and said someone screwed me over before I could do so (stealing the boat), I can't really want revenge on them for just being proactive.
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