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Hey all,

I'm interested in playing through the first episode of Wolf, without having to buy the entire season (just to try it out). Where can I do this? It seems that everywhere I check (here, Steam, Amazon), the only option is to buy the entire season (for $24). Is it even possible?

Thanks in advance!


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    i'm pretty sure playstation network and xbox live are the only place to buy individual episodes other than ios which i cannot recommend, steam and pc/mac both do not sell individual episodes, and only sell the season pass. each individual episode sells for $5 (also i would recommend buying it on steam even though it is $25 it is a very good game, but if you have a budget than go the playstation/xbox route :3)
  • I don't think you can get the first episode for free at this point in time.

    Trust me though, this game is worth spending your money on.
  • You can try a demo of the 1st episode on PSN & buy the whole thing for $20, basically getting a free episode, or buying each for $5.
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    Telltale no longer sells individual episodes on PC or Mac (since they have stated that the season sales largely outnumbered the individual episode sales on those platforms). I don't believe there is a demo available for PC or Mac either, unfortunately.
  • Thanks for the responses everyone. That's unfortunate. I really liked the idea of episodic content (purchased episodically), because it allowed the consumer the freedom of choice, without necessarily having to invest anything but a trivial amount of cash.
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