Daily Season 1 Character Battle for 5/12

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Welcome to the next daily season one character battle! If you are new here, this is a forum game where you guys vote between 38 characters in season 1. We will see which character has a better *character*. You do not vote on how much you like them. The winners move onto round two.

Friday, Larry and Lilly battled and Larry won 2-0 so he will move on!

Today, Andrew and Danny St. John will be fighting. Put your vote in **Bold** or *Italics*. Voting will end tomorrow when the new battle is created. Vote now!


  • I think Andy wins. He was pretty much the main brother and the way you fought him in the rain was just so awesome. I loved his character (I hated him though).
  • dojo32161dojo32161 Moderator
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    Danny, he seems to be insane. Insane and the zombie apocalypse is a great combo.
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