What would you do if something like this happened in episode 3?

While Sarah and Clem are out in the open trying to find and regroup with everyone Sarah gets bit.

Just before they reach the building they think everyone is in Sarah pleads to Clem not to tell anyone that she was bit.

Clem tells Sarah that she cant hide it. (its a pretty big bite on her arm)

Sarah asks for Clem's jacket to put it on and cover it up. (The player can refuse to lend it only to get a pinkey swear is forever reference.)

Once they make it into the Building no one is there. Sarah lays down crying having the fever start to set in.

The player as Clem looks around the small room and can walk over to 2 doors on different sides of the room. After opening one door Clem finds the next room is packed with walkers. The player has to quickly close and find something to help keep the door shut so the walkers cant get into the room. The door on the other side of the room is locked and after Clem looks under it she hears walker moans and sees lots of walker feet.

The player walks back to where Clem and Sarah have come in and Sarah ask Clem to please dont leave her.

Suddenly Carlos, Sarita , and Kenny come in through the doors that Clem and Sarah came through and struggle to shut the doors from all the walkers trying to get in with the player as Clem helping.

Once inside Kenny ask Clem if there is any way out. Clem shakes her head. Then Kenny ask whats wrong with Sarah.

Carlos says its alright. Sarah agrees getting weaker and says its just a dog bite. Like Clem's Dog bite. Then Sarah Closes her eye's

Kenny's BS detector goes off and he ask Clem what really happened. The player can Tell Kenny the lie making him more pissed off or the player can tell Kenny its a bite making Kenny sad.

The player tells Kenny its a bite.

Kenny tries to reason with Carlos saying he went through this before with his son Duck and that Carlos has to let her go and put her down.

Carlos gets pissed off not wanting to put down his daughter. Carlos puts himself further in the delusion that his Daughter is fine. Carlos takes a revolver out and tries to shoot at Clem, Kenny, and Sarieta while holding Sarah but the emotions get the best of him making him shoot around wildly. A Bullet hits Sarita in the arm. Then Carlos runs out of ammo throwing the gun at them which Clem dodges.

Kenny picks up a crowbar. While Carlos picks up his daughter and runs off to the corner of the room.

Telling Kenny that he better stay back.

Sarita tells Kenny to stop. Kenny says were trapped in a room with a madman and his daughter is about to become a walker. If they both turn they could kill us all... Kenny walks towards Carlos and Sarah with Crow bar in hands then looks back to Clem and Sarita.

Kenny says "Go on! You dont need to see this."

Would you try to plead with Kenny to save Carlos and not beat him and his daughter to death? Or would you turn your head and let Kenny do what he has to do?


  • Damn, that's intense. I think i might stop Kenny, if you can kill a man and a kid viciously with a crowbar, then you lost all your humanity.
  • I hope you didnt just spoil this... Id try to stop Kenny.
  • Man this is so well written it feels like I was reading the script!
  • Don't give them ideas.. ;-;
  • Sounds good to me, other than Carlos attacking Clem. I really don't think he would that. Easily could see him getting into a fight with Kenny though.
  • If I can I'd probably try to convince him to do it in a less violent way, like with a gun, or get him to wait so I can reason with Carlos but if not..well, a bite is a bite.
  • Lol ty I wish it was really that good. :D
    WhatTheDuck posted: »

    Man this is so well written it feels like I was reading the script!

  • I like it.. Really dark DX
  • What needs to be done. Didn't stop him in the meatlocker, wouldn't stop him now.
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