What would make you really sad?

What thing could happen in the game that would make you really sad ?


  • Clementine finding Zombie Lee.
  • Clementine losing her hat.

    I bet it's happening, though. :/
  • Clem gettin hurt and Kenny dying
  • Cluke and zombie herpes.
  • If Kenny or Luke dies
  • Clem giving up and losing hope.
  • If kenny dies or clementine gets a terrible injury from troy.
  • *shivers*
    WhatTheDuck posted: »

    Cluke and zombie herpes.

  • Clementine dying.
  • That wouldnt happen for me..
    TDMshadowCP posted: »

    Clementine finding Zombie Lee.

  • Oh noes.... Yeah that's just depressing man. I never knew I could be attatched to a hat.

    Clementine losing her hat. I bet it's happening, though. :/

  • If Telltale says , that they wont make a season 3 . That would make me sad. :(
  • If Clementine dies on the most unexpected moment.
  • If Clementine dies on the most unexpected moment.
  • If Clementine dies on the most unexpected moment.
  • WhatTheFuck man.
    WhatTheDuck posted: »

    Cluke and zombie herpes.

  • Sad situations:

    1.) Clementine is stumbling through the woods with Rebecca's newborn baby in her arms, after Rebecca died in childbirth. She tries her best to care for the baby, but the baby is simply too weak and exposed to the elements and ends up passing away. Clementine begins to bury her, and we are given a flashback that reveals the fate of Christa's baby.

    2.) Clementine's things spill out of her backpack as she is running away from walkers. She must choose to quickly pick up either an important survival item such as a bottle of water or her lighter, or an item that has memories such as her fallen hat or her picture of Lee. She may only choose one, and the rest are forgotten and trampled over from the incoming herd of walkers. If the player does not choose quickly enough, she must continue on with nothing at all.

    3.) Clementine comes across Christa in a deserted camp. She is chained up and has been raped, horribly abused, and near-starvation. She has only avoided the walkers that have ravaged the camp by staying quiet in a shed. A hacksaw is embedded deep in her side. Clementine runs up to her and tries to free her. Christa looks up and vaguely recognizes Clementine, and begins calling for Omid in delirium. The walkers in the camp take notice, and begin advancing towards the shed. Christa continues her frantic screaming, not seeming to hear Clementine pleading for her to be quiet. The player has two options. Clementine can abandon Christa before the walkers reach the shed. If chosen, Clem gets away safely but notices that the screaming has stopped even while the walker's devour Christa. The second option is Clementine can begin hacking away at Christa's chains while the screams persist, only stopping when a walker's face appears in the window of the shed. Christa is silent, and looks at the walker (who seems to be one of the people attacked in the camp) with a faint smile on her face. Clem discovers her knife is too dull to cut the chains, but the hacksaw could work. Another decision must be made- remove the hacksaw in Christa's side and risk her life with blood loss, or try to escape yourself. If the latter is chosen, Clem can escape through a loose board in the roof. Her weight on the roof of the shed causes it to collapse on Christa while Clem makes her escape back through the woods. If the former is chosen, Clementine can successfully cut Christa's chains off and lead her to loose board in the roof and into the woods. Christa, although weak, manages to escape with Clem and reveals to her that Clementine is the child she never got to have. Christa then topples over, and dies from blood loss. Clementine is alone in the woods once again.
  • If Rebecca died....her baby is going to die too right? It will be a double walker haha think about it
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