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If any character who died survived, how would the game change?

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You come up with ideas. For example maybe Carley.
  • if Sandra (Clementine's babysitter) wouldnt have died she would have taken Clementine to Savannah and Lee would have never met her

    if Shwan wouldnt have died everyone could have stayed at the farm and met Rick
  • What about of a character died what's the changes? I would say if Ben died in the episode "starved for help" they will stay at the motel and carley Kat duck wouldn't die and everyone is going to be happy
    • No, Ben actually stopped the group from being attacked by the Bandits for a long time, he didn't 'cause' the attack, he delayed it.
      • What?! He was the traitor he could've told them about the bandits and Lilly was going to deal with them they wasn't strong or smart at all and you mean with "delayed them" by giving them all the supplies and why did he deny it when Lilly asked him and carley was defending for him poor carley ;_;
        • No, and the group already knew about the Bandits and had already defended against them, that's the point of the ultra-thick wood barricades, remember the arrows? it's heavily implied.

          Ben wasn't the bad guy, he wasn't a traitor, Lilly saw him as some good for nothing turncoat working for the bandits or even as part of the Bandits, but he had good intentions in every single way, the Bandits only STOPPED attacking the motor inn, so they could worry about such stupid things, thanks to him doing the deal. Get your facts straight and if Carley wasn't so hot tempered she wouldn't have got shot.

          Don't get me wrong, Carley did the right thing, she died doing the right thing, but if theres anything the walking dead shows us, truly good people die first in that world, not in the real world of course, but in the walking dead world, that's what keeps it afloat, if she was alittle bit less good, just enough to not be bad, she wouldn't have died there, eh?

          Lilly percieved it like this: She didn't know Ben, he just sort of showed up and then the bandits started attacking, then stopped, then medicine started going missing. Her paranoia threw her off the hinges, she thought that the one responsible was literally part of the bandit group, which is why she started probing Carley for info on her family, then turned towards Ben after Carley was just about confirmed innocent.

          Lilly was obviously unstable and I get Carley went through the same thing, everyone did, considering their families were dead, but that's no excuse to go throwing insults towards people who havent had nearly as much time as you to get over their grief.

          In every way, Ben delayed the inevitable bandit attack, if the deal wasn't agreed on, the bandits would've burst in long before episode 3 even happened, inbetween it and two, and the entire group would've been taken prisoner or killed, GG, thanks for losing the game Jodie.

          This is undebatable, if Carley had been stuck in the meatlocker with the group and Larry still ended up dieing, Carley wouldn't have lost her temper on Lilly due to her empathy and (Good person Traits already mentioned) and they'd both have made it to Ep 4.

          Unfortunately, the sad truth of everything i've posted here, is nowhere does it allow Ben to live to the end-- If Carley didn't intervene on Ben's behalf and manage to calm Lilly down somehow, he'd have got shot with no doug to pull him out of the way and take the bullet. there ends our brave hero, Ben, but Carley would've probably shot the fuck out of Lilly unless she dropped the gun, so that would've been...different?
          • I agree, but I also think it was unwise of Ben to go behind the group's back like he did. I understand that he was just a kid, and he had the best intentions, but not consulting with the group was what ultimately made it seem a bigger betrayal than it was. Which is to say that it made it seem like a betrayal when it was not at all. Its just "dumb" of him, if you'll excuse the implications of the word.
            • He was the one who was actually dumber than a bag of bricks, the good natured stupid kid. RIP with Duck buddy.
              • So, if Duck was as dumb as a bag of hammers (Kenny reference), then how can Ben have been as dumb as a bag of bricks
                • Because Duck wouldn't have pulled that hatchet off that door, if only because he wasn't tall enough. Undebatable logic, yes?

                  ... Besides, it's pretty obvious he was pretty heavy to 'cause that balcony to fall, if you catch my meaning, maybe there were a couple bricks hidden somewhere in that noggin.

                  Gaaah i'm way too passively mean and nice in random assortments to Ben.
                • Let me answer your question in a much more humorous way, the difference between Ben and Duck, is BEN FELL, Duck didn't. Which weighs more between a bag of hammers and a bag of bricks I wonder...
  • Kinda pointless. If for example Omid wouldn't die every step they took would've changed and every thought and interactions with anything would've changed. Clem wouldn't meet Kenny again. Impossible to figure out the outcome because it's impossible. Stupid thread.
  • If pete didn't die nick wouldn't be as depressed and he wouldn't have shot mathew. Then we would have had more people to defend against carver
  • If Omid or Lee had survived, they would have killed the scavengers harassing Christa, and probably would have met up with Kenny when taking a short cut to Wellington, because the ski resort takes off a lot of hours of walking around the mountain. They probably wouldn't have met up with the cabin group.
  • We could have tamed Sam and used him to eat the living fuck out of Carver.
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