I wanna feel the hype.. Let's write a song!

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2010 Africa World Cup has Waka Waka, now we have 2014 Brazil World Cup We are One,
how about we compose a song for The Walking Dead Season 2? :D if can, post a video of you singing the TWD song! :)


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    Fine you want a song here (to the tune of dumb ways to die)guess which death is which, it's an episode per verse

    Be standing by a window
    Running out of ammo
    Get trapped under a tractor wheel
    Become another zombie meal

    (Chorus: dumb ways to die
    So many dumb ways to die
    Dumb ways to die die die ohh
    So many dumb ways to die)

    Get a salt lick through your head
    Have your friends all eat your legs
    Take a bandits share of food
    Point a crossbow at an angry dude


    Give a walker a hug
    Get shot by a guy named Doug
    Then commit suicide
    Now we gotta run or we all will die


    Get shot at by mistake
    Spend too long in a debate
    Get worked up over ultrasounds
    Hey look at this cool hatchet I found


    Get bit by a walker for no reason
    Sacrifice yourself to make it even
    Get shot in the head by a nine year old girl
    Or you could get strangled by a really pissed off black guy
    Barging through a bunch of hungry walkers
    You may not die but it still might be


    I'm sorry you asked for season 2 didn't you here are some verses

    Getting shot in the first few scenes
    Dying over a can of beans
    Catch a walkers mouth below your knee
    Jesus are you fucking kidding me


    Getting shot by a nervous reck
    Getting killed by his mad boyfriend
    Getting shot by carver in the head
    Aren't you supposed to be dead?

    I feel this song truly shows the intentions behind the walking dead
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