Anyone got any news about episode 4 or just want to say what they're expecting?

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I had a quick look around and couldn't find any news about the release dates for episode 4, have any of you had better luck?
Secondly i think in episode 4 i wish they'd give us some more options like they did at the end of episode 3, just to show that Bigby is still a person to be feared. I felt in the last episode that there were certain options that weren't available to us, i was thinking of one thing but its option never appeared. Which i expected them too considering Bigby is an ex soldier and current sheriff.


  • I've read somewhere episode 4 won't take as long as the 3th did to be released. It seems that Telltale will be releasing TWD ep3 this week and TWAU ep4 in the next week or 2.

    I'm expecting episode 4 to reveal a lot about the plot than the previous episodes, including some twists, maybe a major one, leaving episode 5 to be more about the conclusion of the story and give players enough closure to wait for a second season.

    Being more specific, I think ep4 will focus on tracking down Bloody Mary. Considering how ep1 and 2 concluded and the next episodes followed going directly after its hangers (found out that the head wasn't Snow's, let's find out everything we can about the victim; Crane's deeply involved, let's track him down) I'm positive that ep3's conclusion and 4's preview suggests that we are going after Mary (probably disguised - in sheep's clothing - as Bigby learned the hard way directly approaching her could mean his end) and my guess is that she will turn out not to be the maniacal villain she seemed... I'm hoping that's the major twist; that after the huge impact that she left in her introduction she will turn out to be a major character, not just some hate-sponge henchman for players to get back at and do as they please (like Dum was).
  • For news about the release date, we have the Release Date discussion where we mods will update the original post with news.

    As for what I expect from this episode, I honestly don't know. Seems like the main focus will be the conflict between Bigby and Mary/Crooked.
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