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eggs tree! eggs tree!glitch in baddest of the bands

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ok so heres the deal in extended play go to club technochocolate and click on the turntables after pom pom burbles it will switch over to homestar and he says that pom poms using those to train him but heres the glitch homestar wont be there:confused:weird huh?
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  • Scuse' me pardner, here's a picture:

  • Oops. :p Thanks for reporting the issue!
  • Yeah, first i was awe struck by Botb's complexity and length, but now I am kinda disappointed... This episode is buggy as all hell, filled with animation bugs, state errors, and lots o' crap disappearing and appearing where it shouldn't (with all the bugs I find in these games, I kinda wish telltale hired outside bug testers)

    Anyways, Here are some telltale screw ups to snicker at...

    Use the coat hanger antenna on the blubbo's whale before the concert begins. after the cinematic plays, strong sad will vanish, and the pom-star "puzzle completed" tune will play as though the concert was going on.

    If you try to use an item on Bubs security bot, it will freeze the alarm animation and return to the normal play mode... allowing the user to move, and leaving the bot stuck in the up position. (clicking the bot, alarm, or gold record will unjam it)

    Also, in extended play, at the DOI stage... Behind the stage to the left you will see strong sad's security radio floating in the air

    There are also a bunch of animation bugs with Coach Z in the locker room... The stamp he has in his hand keeps disappearing when he is talking, but reappears when he is done. Also after you exit the conversation with him, that animation no longer plays, (he just stands there doing nothing) but the toilet paper roll keeps appearing and disappearing in his hand

    Floating radio

    Jammed robot

    Z Toilet paper bug

    Missing Strong sad
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