Amid The Ruins' Preview. So where is the story headed now? [Super Duper Mega Heavy Spoilers]

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Carver is gone, no one is following us anymore. Episode 4 seems to be about finding Sarah and dealing with Rebecca's pregnancy. Are Carver's guards going to track us down or are they gone for good?. Is the road to Wellington the big thing now? Is Wellington going to be some setup for Season 3?


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    The 400 days gang are still with Tavia at Carvers camp, they could still be following us while we look for Sarah. Looking at the achievements we could find Sarah back at the meeting place and it appears that Rebecca could go into labour in the next episode which could play a major part in the story.
  • But it seems like Tavia would take over but it also seemed like Tavia didn't really like Carver that much, why would they seek revenge?
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    It might look like they are looking for us which could cause a panic among the group, one of the achievements says something about a observation deck in which we could be observing Tavia and the rest of the 400 days group looking for us. I doubt they will want to leave all that food unless the herd completely takes over Carver's old camp, if they have to leave they might join our group or follow us towards Wellington.
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    Use spoiler tag for fucks sake.
  • It's says Super Heavy Spoilers right on the title. Guess i'll have to reword it.
  • I don't think Carvers guards will track us down. Carver was the big leader with Troy and Bonnie as his second in commands (though Bonnie is far nicer as shown by the fact she's teaming up with us like I hoped/supected. Woo! :D) and I think if anyone was going to take over from Carver then it would be Troy which is no longer an option and even if it was, I don't really see him tracking us down. Carver had the biggest reason what with his history with the group - especially with Rebecca carrying his baby.

    Episode 4 I think is just going to be about finding Sarah, Rebecca's baby and obviously surviving walkers.
  • Yeah, to something like this [Episode 3 Spoilers]

    I'm pissed.
  • I'm hoping it takes us through the pregnancy and birth and gives us a little insight on what happened during the time-skip with Clem and Christa..
    And from the achievements we saw a few weeks back, i'm betting the 4th episode will be legen- wait for it....dery! :) I'm sad we're already half way through season 2!! Just episode 4 and 5 and a DLC pack..Their better be a season 3!! It's too good of a game not to get at least another season.
  • Not to be rude, it's kind of your own fault.

    It says spoilers in the title, and it's about episode 4. Which comes after episode 3.

    It is obvious that this is a discussion thread about what happened in episode 3, and what will come next.
  • I'm excited to see what will happend with Sarita. Will she survive? And it seems we will get to know the new characters Mike and Jane a bit more.

    I want to see Christa again. I hope she will reappear in this episode. Choose if you want to be with her or Kenny. And seeing more Nick would also be nice.
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