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Got a problem installing episode 3

posted by Aguzx on - Viewed by 584 users
Hello, i start to dowload episode 3 on PC and then i have this error "Network Unavaible. Please connect your pc to the Internet". I obviously have internet and i tried to install the game lots of times i even "reconnected" internet and i dont know what to do. I just have to wait? Thanks.
PD: Sorry for the awful english.
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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff
    I apologize for the inconvenience. Please make sure that you do not have any anti-virus or internet firewall programs open that may be blocking the game from communicating with our servers successfully. Please also try restarting your computer and/or resetting your internet access point, and try the download again.
  • I reconnected internet again 2 more times and it started the download ! :D
    Sorry for the problem
    Thanks a lot Mike !
    PD: Again sorry for the bad english :D
  • I had this problem until I disabled AVG
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