• DOC'S DEATH. It happened so fast I didn't even manage to calm down Sarah! It's so unfair!

    But on a serious note, I hated Shel and Becca as cameos. It was just Becca being rude for a while and Shel calming her. Hello? Something more?

    You know, I preferred Nick Breckon's writing. But still, it was amazing episode
  • Reggie's death, I was hoping he would stay alive longer then 20 minutes.
    • Telltale: "Haha, NOPE"

      • Can we have shorter wait times between episodes?
        Telltale: "Haha, No. U WAIT 3 MONTH LIKE ALL!".

        Can we kill that cow tavia:
        Telltale: "Nah, we will just never explore her again like Lilly".
    • Greg Miller: "So does Reggie die this episode?" Reggie's VA: "No, it's vague"
      • Well yeah, the last line he was given was "AAAAAHHHH!" I guess he could have assumed he died, but just because someone screams doesn't mean they die.
        • But giving us a 10 second shot of his lifeless body sure does.
          • Not to mention he's shown dead an hour afterwards.
            • Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
              • Dude, the VA doesn't play the game before you, as far as he knows he was stopping Carver from shooting someone then something terrible would've happened. His last few lines are just 'NO CARVER WAIT CARVER WAIT!' and seeming like such a nice guy through his lines I wouldn't doubt it. He had no clue what was coming, stop giving him such fucking hell.
                • What the hell are you going on about? Who said I didn't like Reggie or his VA? I'm one of the few that was super bummed out he bit the dust, I liked him. Stop with the accusations.
                  • Your the one accusing me here, I didn't mean to reply to you, I meant to reply to the guy at the top.

                    About now is when you'd normally apologise but you don't have to, it's alright, my fault for replying to the wrong person.

                    But anyway, to clear up the confusion, read some of these peoples sentences against the VA, then look at the guy at the top of this comment-lines sentence.

                    TLDR: Everyones assuming the VA knew his character was going to die, saying he lied when I watched the episode and even if he did say 'No', he corrected himself by saying 'It's vague'. but pretty much people are giving the guy a hard time for this when he didn't even do anything wrong, 'cept being more casual than other people while being interviewed.
                    • Ok, ok. I apologise, I got too defensive.

                      And yeah, I didn't see the VA's statements. But I do know people didn't think he performed well. I thought he came across sympathetic without being a bore, and I liked him.
                      • It's alright, like... I liked Reggie too, I would have liked him to still be alive with broken legs or something, for another line and a shocking scene, atleast. Would've been so memorably similar to Ben.

                        And really messed up xD Maybe that could've added some moral pressure to the plan they had on leaving, seeing as he'd have still been locked with Clem and Co. and they wouldn't have been carrying him out, akin to how they suggested leaving Kenny behind.
  • That episode is one of the best in this Season so far. BUT the parts I don't like;

    * 400 Days choices other than cameos really don't matter in this episode. Including Season One choices.

    * Carver's death. I mean REALLY?! I thought he would be the best power maniac evil in this Season. But nope.

    * Carlos's death. JESUS ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING ME?! At least I expected to be a memoriable death scene. Like sacrifising himself to the walkers for protecting Sarah.

    * Also I didn't like the idea that they forced Clementine to do a amputation to Sarita.

    * From the looks of it Luke is bitten. F**k my life. I don't know anymore. It'S gonna be Lee all over again.

    * Alvin's death. Pete all over again.
  • 1) I didn't really like Carver's characterization. I was expecting him to be more calculating/intelligent and on the morally grey side of things, but nope. It felt like he was violent for the sake of being violent. That's alright I guess, but I personally don't find those kinds of antagonists interesting.

    2) Not being able to interact with the other 400 Days characters besides Bonnie is upsetting. It's also kind of OOC in my opinion that Russell and Shel would be in Carver's community, considering all they've been through with tyrant camp leaders.

    3) Some of the dialogue was written.. badly. It felt awkward at times listening to some characters speak.

    Anyways, don't get me wrong, I liked the episode, but it had a few flaws.
    • reggie's voice actor didn't do it for me, he seemed to lack some substance....
      • Same here. His voice was pretty monotone even when he was upset. I feel bad criticizing him since his VA seemed like a cool guy, but it really wasn't impressive.

        I pitied Reggie though. He was a nice person, but he got stuck doing manual labor because he wanted to help Luke and got left behind. Seems like every good guy in the series so far gets killed off sadly.
        • yeah i watched the youtube vid of him on playing dead, he did seem cool but kinda shy and reserved, even with greg..

          and that 'lack of confidence' really seemed to resonate in his performance as reggie,

          i could argue that reggie him self 'the character' was the same he was a yes man but he was put in an impossible situation each time, and i kinda felt bad for making clem do this stuff and just before i did certain things i said ' sorry reg ' i gotta do this..but then wow carver went postal...
          • I'll tell you what though. Reggie was the FIRST character introduced this season I immediately felt sympathy for. I went out of my way to not get him trouble the whole time he was there. And I was screaming at my TV screen to allow Clem to stop Carver, but nope. And those last words to Clem, "thanks for the help, girls." :(
            • yeah but we didn't know those were his last words did we ? ;)

              it felt like a slap in the face to me kinda like a polite 'f u' i mean that's a extremely tight leash to have...

              you look at a door and try and open it instant demerit ! (bttf game ep3 reference)

              two people don't cut off dead leaves of 10 potted plants that's 2 strikes YOU'RE OUT !

              so despite carrying guns no one bothered to shoot carver before...assuming he allowed them to carry loaded weapons...
              • I was pretty sure when Carver asked us to leave. And then when he died, those last words just stuck with me. I don't know why.
                Yeah, "he was weak." Why? Because he... was too busy working hard? Whaaaaaaaaaa?
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        K0t0 BANNED
        He sounded like that pink 2d guy from Adventure Time, the one the lich kills.
    • Yeah, Russell and Shel should have been part of Luke's band from the get-go given the tyrannical camp leader thing. I'm actually kind of surprised they weren't given what was ultimately revealed at Carver's "community."
    • Considering the episode was written by a first timer, its not hard to see why the dialogue lacked from last episodes.
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    Kunny BANNED
    • You din't like the episode?
    • Can you be specific?
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        Kunny BANNED
        - The thing about Alvin killing George not explained
        - Carver's early death
        - The guards don't like Carver and his attituide, but they don't even try to kill him.
        - 400 Days character not very much into this episode, what role will they play? I mean, we will only see them in 4 and 5 episode?
        - No Character developement.
        - Reggie's voice acting...wasn't bad, but it was just out of the character o_o
        - Boring
        - Not many feels
        • -Alvin killing George is sort of explained.
          -Carver's early death is only in opinion. I'm glad he died this early.
          -They know Carver is pretty fucked up, and they want to stay safe in the community. Also, Troy was only questionable of Carver's behavior with the Kenny scene, other than that the guards were ok with it... except for Bonnie who actually helped.
          -I agree with the 400 days character thing but I believe they'll come into play later... as in, I think it was just too determinant to have any big dialogue with someone that most people might not see at the camp, maybe if they all have to come to see Clem's group again, there will be more dialogue and such.
          -No character development only depending on how you played it...
          -Reggie's voice acting was out of character, yes.
          -I don't see how you could possibly find it boring...
          -Not many feels? Duck's mention? Do you not own a soul?
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            K0t0 BANNED
            How is his early death an opinion? Are you daft? It WAS early. Thats fact. Seriously, if your best rebuttles were just "omg thats just your opinion" then kindly gtfo and come back when you have some self-respect. I'd rather listen to a thousand critics with legitimate reasons than just one apologist like you whining because someone criticised you love child.
        • -I'm not sure I understand the whole Alvin/George thing. Alvin died in the last episode in my main playthrough (I haven't played my secondary playthrough yet), so he didn't even go to the hardware store with the group. It didn't come up in this episodes at all, unless I missed it. If they didn't explain, maybe they'll do it in the next episode? If what you say is true, I hope it will be explained in the future.

          -I agree about Carver's early death. I was kind of bummed about that too. I expected him to be the villain for the entire season. I liked Michael Madsen's voice characterization of him too. It's unfortunate that he's gone so soon.

          -I didn't get the impression that the guards had serious animosity towards Carver. They're all a bunch of goons and thugs, so there's going to be some people disgruntled with the leadership. It's like a gang, they have a leader because they need a leader, and for no other reason. They may not love following orders, but they need the safety of group cohesion and for that, they need a leader. They only reluctantly follow Carver because it does benefit them. If they dethroned Carver, they'd be in chaos.

          -I agree about the 400 Days characters. I really hope we get more of them in the next couple episodes.

          -I think there was some character development. Sarah is being forced to grow up. The group is becoming more united. Bonnie is regretting the decisions she's made. Clementine is still changing and learning.

          -I disliked Reggie's voice acting, personally. I felt it was very unnatural. He was a total redshirt. He was only in the story to die and to show Carver's ruthlessness.

          -Boring is strictly a matter of opinion. I disagree. I enjoyed it, but to each their own.
  • -Reggie felt pointless. Plus his voice acting was pretty bad.

    -Carver died too early. I wanted to know more about his character.

    -The 400 days characters (excluding Bonnie and Tavia) only had brief cameos. I was hoping they'd play a bigger role.

    -Jane seems like a carbon copy of Molly.
    • Pretty much this ^

      Except I think Jane is just crazier than Molly... she is seriously convincing Clem to leave the group...
    • Totally agree about Reggie' s voice acting. It was painful to listen to. So awkward and unnatural. It made it to where I didn't really care when he died. I agree with the rest of your points too, though all in all I really liked the episode.
    • I disagree on Jane mainly because I don't hate her like I did Molly. Molly tried way too hard to be badass, Jane at least seem realistically badass to an extent.
    • Jane and Molly use the same character model, but with a different texture. Tavia uses the same model as Katcha, but a different texture and head model. Shel uses Lilly's model, but with a different texture. If you pay attention to their facial structures and body style, its fairly obvious.

      Anyways, I felt the same. Reggie was a pointless character, and I believe the 400 days characters were rushed and underused. Its as if they were simply added at last minute or something.

      I wish I could have put a bullet in that fat black cow Tavia.
    • Point of Reggie was to show Carver is fucking insane.
      Carver died earlier than it was expected, but I don't think it is a bad thing.
      400 days characters are jokes, but what else were they supposed to do with them now? They can still show up later.
      They needed similiar character and maybe they are saving Molly for later?
  • (Carlos death) Who in Carver's group shot Carlos and why?I mean when there hundred's of walker's attacking your camp, they decide to shoot Carlos instead?

    We never know the story about Alvin killing George , It is like they dump this idea
    • Someone in another thread said it was Tavia.
      • Yeah I heard that too but I rewatch Carlos getting killed again and it only show's the bullet and not who shot's their gun at Carlos

        Is their proof Tavia killed Carlos?
        • There's no proof, it could by anyone from the roof shooters, but, you know. I think it was Tavia because he recognized him and didn't want him to make it, so she shot him. Also, it was a shot to the neck, normally people should aim for the head. You can also say that she was aiming for the head but missed and got the neck, but, shhh, conspiracy theories are better.

          Also, the other guards didn't interact with Carlos very often. They just saw him few times, while Tavia saw him more times. So she had bigger chance of recognizing him disguised as a walker.

          Wow, I really am a conspiracy theorist.
    • It can be a blindshot. Firing the walkers and it comes at Carlos. It can happen, there was a chaos there.
    • They're shooting automatic weapons, I doubt they were able to single anyone out, they just fired.

      I don't get this complaint, would it really have added to the story for us to know this? To me he was just some guard that Alvin killed and Carver used that as an excuse to justify beating the shit out of him.
    • Tavia was the closest on the roof to where Carlos was. Only she could have made that shot. It was Tavia.
  • Loved most of it, but I wish there was an option to ask Kenny to let you join in with the killing of Carver.
    • I seriously wanted Clem to respond to Carver with something like "Go fuck yourself" after he started comparing Clem to him near the end...

      Although i'm not a GIANT fan of Clem swearing, moments like that i'd find necessary.
  • I was pretty surprised that Carver was taken out, but I suppose his words will echo in Kenny's behavior considering what happened to Sarita and Sarah (no doctor means the chances of surviving an amputation are reduced even more, especially without supplies, and if Luke's actually been bitten, this could spell a very bad scenario if they make it back to the lodge or the cabin, or some other enclosed shelter).

    I would have liked a short conversation with each of the 400 Days survivors to find out how they saw the camp for themselves, but episode 4 will probably bring those people into Clem's group.
  • Reggie's voice acting was bad enough to take me out of the episode whenever his mouth was open. Honestly, it felt like they just pulled some random guy off the street and asked him to read the lines into a mic.

    I'm expecting the 400 days characters other than Bonnie to have a more interesting role to play later on. If they don't, then wow, what a waste.

    No hubs. Again. Expected.

    I wish Carver had survived to have more of a role in the season, but now I'm half-wondering if our villain from now on is going to be Tavia seeking revenge.
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