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    The thing I didn't like was that we only saw the 400 Days characters for 3 seconds. Really pissed me off. I wanted to talk to them.
    • I think it's just building up, and making you want more as it continues its path. Great season so far! I really love this series.
    • We're staying at the mall, so we're likely to see them again, as they are probably holed up somewhere safe in there.
    • "a'ight you got all of those 400 days guys in the camp, cool, now come here my friend wait wa... SEE! Here's Russel in the camp because you made him go and he's totally rocking that ak-47 and being badass cause he really loves to do that kind of stuff and it isn't like out of character and umm hey Wyatt's here too and all the other dudes, the possibilities are limittless just like your choices"

      Oh how they wanted to make you see the results of your decisions :D
      Still loved the episode and all the latest Telltale Games games(?RIP in peace?) They're definitely getting better and better! Keep up the good work!
  • I'm kind of glad no one came to the camp (except for Bonnie, of course) even if it meant not seeing them in this episode...
  • I hope we see more of them later on :(
  • Bar Bonnie, the rest of them coming was based on choices, and given Telltale's record don't hold your breath on seeing them again, bar maybe as Walkers/one second shots.
  • Honestly, it bugged me seeing them in cameo appearances. Normally, Telltale is pretty good at making choices seem relevant, at least in the moment. The fact that the default character who joins Cavers group, Bonnie, gets plenty of screen time and joins us while the rest are in cameos all crammed into one episode makes it feel more like they felt like they had to make good on the claims that choices from 400 Days would also carry into this season. I suppose they did technically, but a line or two in passing isn't much. It would have been cool if maybe certain sections played out differently, like say, it's easier to sneak around because one of the 400 Days characters is talking to a guard and accidentally distracts them.
    • Holy crap,you're right. Like,when Vince gets on to Tavia for smoking,Clem could've sneaked past them at that part.

      Or,the opposite. Maybe the more 400 days characters you have,the more guards to sneak past. like instead of just Tavia,it could've been Tavia,Wyatt and Vince. Or,when you're on the roof,Russel could've had guard duty up there.
  • I hope we'll see more of them, and not as walkers. On the bright side, they weren't trying to hold the line on the roof during the attack, unlike Tavia and most of the other guards, so I bet they got together because they used to be in their own group and high tailed it the hell out of there. I bet we'll see them in the next Episode, as more than just cameos.
  • That's a great point! Because no matter who went with Carver, they could still all meet somewhere. I think that will happen.
  • I know one thing. Eddie will at least play a somewhat significant role as he's right in the title card for Episode 4!

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