• I think the end makes it all worth it.(Carver & Troy anyway)
  • Eh, I'm never fussed about 'hub' areas. They always just involve a few square metres, talking to the odd character, and clicking on stuff until you find the "Plot move forward" item. Between TWD and TWAU I've grown a bit tired of them. They feel more like speedbumps than actually necessary.
    • But doesn't that stuff make it a video game? Like I spent quite awhile during that episode with my hands away from the keyboard as if I was watching a TV show or something.
      • There's plenty of action sequences.

        The spam Q and 'mouse over an item not to die' felt more like a video game than holding down the directional keys and clicking on things.
        • I agree with 'plenty' as quick time events can become boring quickly but there wasn't a lot of them over the episode. And isn't this a point and click game? So there should be more of this content. Or are Tell Tale trying to move away from this genre?
      • I have to agree that there should have been more time spent in the hub. I thought you wanted more button mashing and shooting. But yeah, the hub area allows the player to interact with characters. We barely spoke to anyone aside from Kenny and Bonnie this episode.
        • Yeah I don't really like quick time events that much but wandering around and talking to the characters is something I enjoy doing and there seemed to be much less of this.
  • Really? I felt like there was too much gameplay and not enough conversation. Besides, this isn't one of those games where you're allowed free reign to an entire world. It's strictly narrative driven, and those games are linear.
    • Ha, seems we really differ in opinion. I feel it's a fine line, if you have too much walking about it can get boring and tedious but if you have little control it feels less of a game.
  • Sure they strayed a lot from the original adventure-game style, however I still love it and given the fact that there are plenty of other heavy interactive games out there it's good to see something fresh for a change
  • But it was a fantastic cutscene!
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