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draw your own SB character

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Create and post your own Strong Bad character here! I have'nt come up with anything yet; but maybe your drawings would help me out. Stay cool, people;).
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    I thought it would be easy to design a H-star-R character, but it actually requires some thinking - the character can't be too human, but also not too "crazy". I think I've found a good balance here, and he possesses some classic Homestar-style features: white skin, weird colours, perspectively impossible and ambiguously wearing clothes. Plus he has one unique feature: a full head of hair. :D

    He looks kinda like the Poopsmith, too.
  • Well, being a Flash animator myself, I doubt it'd be that hard for TBC to do: I imagine it'd be about the same as Bubs or Coach Z.
  • I work with Flash, too. Check out this thing I did with Homsar!

  • This is really crappy,and theres no shading.I just doodled it up on Ms Paint.
    Its blue midget SB!!!The counterpart of Homsar,he is as random and as crazy as Homsar.
    Comparing him to homsar...He looks a lot different.His history,Someone sent an sbemail wich says
    Dear Stron Ba,
    What is wrong wit your show,it sux like poop!!!
    I hate you, George
    Strong Bad said:
    Whoa,a someone must of sent me the wrong email...Let me forward it to ,dumb as rocks,Stron Ba [grumbles]Stupid kids,sending me the wrong emails[/grumbles]
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    Peacy P, in the "real-life" style. The Cheat animated him in the same style as Strong Bad's TGS drawing, and so since The Cheat's drawings are always anatomically correct (save for colour and proportion) I figured that must be what he's supposed to look like. I figured with the lack of nose and ears, line fingers and crazy body size, he's just about "inhuman" enough to fit into the core H*R cast quite nicely. :)

    I would do Crack Stuntman and Tenerance Love, but they're too close to human to fit in correctly. However, Strong Mad is pretty much human from the chest down, so if it turned out that one of them had weird squidlike tentacles for legs or something I would consider it.
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    You made that? Good jorb! Er... I mean job. JOB. Good JOB.
  • Arbledarch is way to complicated. H*R characters usually have a much simpler design. Great Peacey P tho.
  • Yes, this is just a Homestar Runner version of my Alex Wilson character.
  • Wow that is cool! How do I get this Flash animation stuff?
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