• he wouldn't recognize me...

    I watched carver die, I took a beating(TWICE), I was sassy practically the whole time.
  • Well, all Lee wanted was for Clementine to be safe and be able to protect herself..I'm sure he wouldn't want Clem to go through so much pain and see as much evil as she has, but there wasn't much he could do about it even when he was alive.. In my playthrough I was always really honest with her about everything and didn't shield her from the truth, so I think he'd be happy that she's so strong and capable now. Overall it's bittersweet, Clem has gained a monumental amount of strength, physical and mental, so she will survive. But her innocence has been destroyed and everyone she cares about she knows she will eventually lose.
    • Thats really true, I'm just disappointed in myself for exposing Clem to things that she didn't HAVE to see, you know? If she was forced to watch, well okay not much I can do. But I chose to watch and its a little unsettling. Hell, I felt like I was being desensitised along with Clementine.
      • yeah, I chose to watch also, I feel kinda bad about it now...I hope in the next episode Kenny or somebody sits her down and talks to her about what she saw. It's easy it seems for the group to forget Clem's only 11 years old, she probably hasn't been able to fully process what she witnessed. I think more than ever she needs someone to be there for her emotionally.
  • The ending made me feel ashamed. My emotions were so high that I stayed to watch Carver die. I feel like Lee would be disappointed with Clem.
  • Season 2 makes me wonder what Lee would do on Clem's shoes
  • The reason why I chose my Clem to watch Carver die was out of anger and hatred. But as it continued I realized there was a different reason...

    Part of it is to help 'deal' with certain situations. Such has opening up a zombie and spreading its guts all over you, or having the nerve to hack someones arm off, in theory, to save someones life... (foolish theory btw)

    I really do not agree with the whole concept of Good/Evil and I do not agree that by watching Carver die, it somehow sets a 'rot' inside her, which is what the impression I was getting that the game was trying to portray. If anything I think it will make her stronger and hardened.

    Seeing horrible things does not make you a monster. You have to have that rot inside you before hand for it to take effect.
    • Beautifully said! You have given me hope.
    • I agree, the choice to watch hasn't set her down some dark road, and as I watched Clem adjust to what she was seeing I realised that being exposed to this kind of thing might be necessary in this new world. I think what Telltale was trying to illustrate was Clementine becoming desensitised to murder and understanding it on a much deeper level than the "killing humans is evil, killing walkers is okay" Clem of old.
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