Did the ending make anyone els feel SICK?

what I finished the episode I sat there in shock. my hand was shaking and I felt sick to my stomach.

I watched carver die and I cut saritas arm off. that scream she made...just... just... DAMN!

so did anyone else feel sick at the end?


  • Oh yeah, really tight in the chest. Not so much from the gore or anything, though I didn't expect it to be as nasty as it was, but I felt like I was being desensitised along with Clem.
  • Didn't feel sick just disappointed in myself for making Clem watch.
  • I feel like the only person who didn't make Clem watch (even though it was like 50/50). I just thought it was a waste of time. My thought was that somebody outside could get in danger and I wouldn't be out there to help. Carver wasn't worth the time it took to watch him die.
  • Something I do feel sick about is for the Long Wait Ahead. And watching Carver's face get destroyed maybe, Although he deserved it for Walter, Alvin and Reggie. But just dayummm.
  • That ending, tho. I felt bad, but I had to cut off her arm :/
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    No the ending didn't hit me as hard as other moments. Maybe because I made the choice to cut off the arm and sat and watched Kenny so i knew what to expect. The stuff that comes out of nowhere are those that are more shocking.
  • Well I laughed(at carver dying,I'm a sadist punish me Kenneth with your powerful crowbar ) and the Sarita thing was both sad,disturbing(abbit gruesome) and,because I'm sadist(thank pewds), I laughed at that too.carver deserved it. it was early,but he deserved it. well an eye patch and a hook arm for the ken the pirate club eh?
  • same, but at the same time im glad I made her watch and that I watched.
  • O.O You're scaring me DLB... There's No_Going_back for you now ;-;
  • lol how am I scaring you?
  • Lol, now we just need to get back to his boat so that Captain Kenneth and his merry band of survivors can plunder the high seas.
  • I just picture you smiling while Carver is getting smashed lol, it was a joke tho :P
  • I almost regretted my choice to slice Sarita's arm off when she just grabbed the stump and stared at it in shock. THAT made me sick. In the end, I'm glad I did it though.
  • And Troy's amputated dick
  • Not for me, but ever since Lee cutting off his arm and Clem stitching hers, I've been desensitized to this games gore now.
  • Well I wasn't going to let Sarita die 100%. Didn't want Kenny to be all up in my ass this season, I've decided Clementine can use all the help she can get.

    That scream at the end and her staring at the stump was a really strong scene for me though.
  • Yes.

    I feel absolutely fucking horrible right now, by what I am doing to Clementine in this game. And...she didn't even wince. D:
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